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When Kimberley put the call out on Twitter for a good place to buy a new handbag from, I suggested Charles and Keith. This led me to browse the site myself, and of course I fell in love with practically every bag I looked at. Thankfully, most of the bags I wanted were sold out. These two, however, were not…

Charles + Keith Zip Shoulder Bag Charles + Keith Casual Tote

I was looking for something a little more structured than the bag I’ve been using lately (my trusty Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Fran Bag), and these two looked perfect. I’ve been alternating between the two, and although I love the size and the shape of them I’m really not a fan of the short straps. I’ve come to realize that I just don’t feel comfortable carrying a handbag over the crook of my elbow. To be honest I feel like a bit of an idiot with my hand flopping around. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get used to it. I also purchased a few goodies from Haus of Gloi last fortnight. Thanks to Dee for alterting me to the fact that some of the Spring products had come back in stock!

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  1. Those are two seriously handsome bags! 🙂 I hate short handles too, that’s my biggest no no in a bag…

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