Thoughts of the week…

01) Isn’t April the best month of the working year? I’m loving all the public holidays we’ve been graced with lately. This four day weekend has been a real treat.

02) I’m so excited for the new Godzilla movie. We watched the 1998 version last weekend, and it was absolutely awful. I loved it.

03) I can’t stop raving about the Estee Lauder Pure Gloss lip glosses. I was on the hunt for a neutral pink lip gloss with no shimmer or glitter, and the shade ‘nude rose’ is absolutely perfect. It’s also incredibly long lasting, possibly the longest lasting gloss I’ve ever owned. Worth checking out.

04) So, the Game of Thrones purple wedding… What did we all think?

05) This freaked me out a little bit…

06) If you’re in the market for a new candle, and can track down a Glasshouse Kyoto candle – BUY ONE. Buy twelve. Buy all of these candles and send them to me. This candle smells like my great grandmother’s old house, and it’s so comforting.

07) We finally finished True Detective, and I’m not really sure how I felt about the season as a whole… I enjoyed it, but it also frustrated me quite a bit.

08) Did anyone pick anything up in the Shopbop sale? I did… Oops. I’m now officially on a no-buy until well after I return from Bali next month!

09) Paolo Nutini’s new album (Caustic Love) has finally been released. I’m not a huge fan of the album as a whole after my first listen, but I’m going to give it another try listening through my headphones this week to see how I feel.

10) Despite the Flowers in the Attic telemovie being released months ago, I’m yet to watch it. Now that I’m re-reading the book, I think I’m going to have to make time to watch it sometime soon. Did anyone else watch it when it came out? I’m not sure what to expect.