Thoughts of the week…

01) The first week back from a holiday is always a real bummer. Thankfully I have a mini-break in July to look forward to, and have been doing some pre-emptive planning to take my mind off of the inevitable post-holiday blues.

02) I picked up one of the Maybelline Elixirs last weekend (in the shade Blush Essence), and LOVE it. Essie Button was right, these are amazing.

03) I placed a little Sephora order during the week, so we’ll see if this one goes through (unlike my last two attempts). On my last check it was showing as ‘sent to warehouse’. Fingers crossed!

04) My boyfriend and I are still making our way through LOST. We’re close to the end of season 3 now, and progressing steadily.

05) I love Ed Sheeran’s new song.

06) These luxlight jumpers from GAP are really lovely. I have two already and am planning on buying a couple more. They work perfectly with jeans or with black pants for work, they’re lightweight but warm and perfect for Australian Autumn weather. Speaking of jumpers, I receive compliments on this bad boy every time I wear it.

07) If you missed out seeing this viral video during the week, do yourself a favour and watch it. Especially if you’re not a cat fan. Team cat!

08) I saw Essie Button mention the Elizabeth & James Nirvana White fragrance in her recent Sephora Haul video, and did a bit of research on the two scents in the fragrance release. Nirvana Black seemed more my taste, so a rollerball version is now on it’s way to me. Hopefully I like it.

09) My new blog obsession for the week is Emily Ley. I love the look of the simplified diaries she releases, and can’t wait to order one for myself later on in the year!

10) In flowers in the attic news for this week, apparently they’re releasing a companion book to the series. That will tie in nicely with my re-read of all the Dollanganger books this year. And a sequel to the recent telemovie?! I am excited.

6 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. I bought a full size bottle of Nirvana Black and a rollerball of Nirvana White while I was away. Black is more my style, spicy with a touch of the Tom Ford Black Orchids about it. White is very floral but exceptionally pretty, I was surprised how much I liked it and could have done a full bottle there too.

    I also love Sheeran’s song. I belt it out in the car all the time even though I don’t know half the words.

    • I like the sound of the spiciness of Nirvana Black. My skin refuses all florals so I didn’t even bother with the white (although I’ve heard great things about it).

      Yessss love me some Red Sheeran

  2. Cate on May 20, 2014 at 11:45 pm said:

    Hi, just wondering how you get the gap clothes to Australia? Do you pay the crazy expensive shipping on the site or do you do it some other way?

    • Hi there, I get them shipped to the US (via hop shop go) and then forwarded to me. It ends up being cheaper (generally around $30-40 to ship) than directly from the site to Australia. It doesn’t take that much longer either, because hop shop go use DHL which is quite fast 🙂

  3. Ahhh, I love LOST! I miss it, but the thought of a rewatch is so daunting!

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