Thoughts of the week…

01) Dad mentioned the movie ‘These Final Hours‘ to me because he’d seen it mentioned in the paper and thought it would be something I’d be interested in. It’s an end-of-the-world film set in Perth (my home town), and received a standing ovation at Cannes. I’ll definitely be seeing this when it comes out in August.

02) I like the new Coldplay album, but I really don’t like albums that include secret songs. I listen to music on my iPhone 99.9% of the time, and I find it a pain in the rear having to skip over songs that end in 3 minutes of silence before the hidden track plays.

03) We’ve made the change to ordering the bulk of our groceries online (although we still buy most of our meat and all of our fruit & vegetables from the local market). I’m interested to see how this works out. The extra hour and a half every Saturday morning will be a real treat, and Woolworths keep sending us free chocolate, which is cool with me.

04) Winter is officially here, and we celebrated by eating ice cream. Of course.

05) Paolo Nutini performing his song ‘Scream (funk my life up)’ on Jools Holland. Yes please.

06) I often trawl Anthropologie for good coffee table book ideas. The latest? This cookbook. I want it. (I recently ordered this book after seeing it on the site. Curse you Anthropologie!) Speaking of cookbooks, I really need to make an effort to go through my books and find some new recipe ideas. It’s all been getting a bit stagnant in the kitchen lately and I need some inspiration!

07) John Mayer released his version of Beyonce’s ‘XO’ and it is wonderful.

08) The Strawberries & Cream Lindt Balls are TO DIE FOR. Seriously guys. If you like white chocolate, get your mouth around these babies ASAP.

09) My Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black perfume arrived, and I love it. Phew.

10) Em posted a link to her ‘Cozy Fall Playlist‘ aaaages ago, and as I’ve been reading back through all of her old posts (like the stalker that I am), I stumbled across it and have been listening to it quite a bit ever since. If you’re a fan of country music or your idea of ‘fall’ is riding around in the back of a pickup truck on your way to go apple picking, you might want to check it out.

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  1. Ooh, I’ve been eyeing off those Strawberries & Cream Lindt balls, but didn’t want to commit to a full packet. Good to know they’re worth a shot!

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