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Hey guys, guess how my no-buy is going? What can I say, I appreciate any company with a strong social media presence. If that company also happens to sell candles in delicious sounding scents, there is no turning back. Yes, these were an impulse purchase and no, I don’t regret them. I love candles. Truth be told, I already have quite a few sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used but these ones looked too beautiful to resist. I picked up two of the medium sized candles in ‘vanilla hazelnut‘ and ‘lychee and black tea‘. My boyfriend works from home, and often has a candle burning when I get home in the evening and I can’t WAIT to have these babies making the house smell wonderful when I walk in.

11 Thoughts on “What I Bought…

  1. jadegrrrl on July 2, 2014 at 6:09 am said:

    I have the vanilla hazelnut one and love it! <3

  2. your boyfriends a Candler? #putaringonit

  3. Those flavours! TOTALLY worth breaking a ‘no buy’ spell for, who could resist?!

  4. Oh wow, I wannnnnt!

  5. I love the fragrance combinations (and also the fact that your boyfriend puts a candle on while he works).

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