July Fitness Chat

This post is somewhat laughable, as June and July were both complete write-offs in regards to fitness. If anything, I’ve probably regressed more than I’ve made any sort of progress this month. I can blame most of that on me only just now getting over a kidney infection (which is a pretty legit excuse in my eyes), and I also had a headcold last month that knocked me for six. Looking beyond that, it’s onwards and upwards for the rest of the year.

Monthly Goals
Sebastian and I are heading away this weekend, for a little getaway to celebrate his birthday. After that, it’s game on on the fitness front. We’ve both agreed to check out the local gym, who offer a free day pass for people to come in and look at/try the facilities available. On top of that, my main goal is to just get some gold stars happening on my calendar again. I’ll be starting slow, but I’ll have some bigger goals for when the weather clears up a bit in a month or so.