Thoughts of the week…

01) Of course Country Road have their spend and save deal now that I’m on a no-buy. Typical.

02) Kimberley mentioned ‘Booko‘ in her recent Q&A video, and as I’d never heard of it I thought I’d share it with you all. You can type in the title of a book you’re looking to purchase, and it scours online stores to find the best price available. If you’re like me and buy the majority of your books online, this site will no doubt come in handy.

03) So apparently the new Ghostbusters movie will have an all-female lead cast? I’m ok with this.

04) Pepsi says hi.

05) I really want one of these cute monogrammed iphone covers.

06) I’m back in my thrifty state of mind (thanks to a rather large rates bill that showed up earlier in this week), and have been thinking about doing my spring/summer hauls as ‘shop my stash’ features. Lord knows I have enough unread books and unused makeup to pick through.

07) This month-long workout plan by PopSugar looks interesting. Is anyone up for a challenge?

08) We finally finished watching both The Office and LOST during the week. It was bittersweet and quote emotional, watching both finales on the same evening. We’re now making our way through the first season of House of Cards, which is fast becoming one of my new favourite TV shows.

09) Speaking of TV, the new (and final) season of the Killing is finally out!

10) I’m not doing so well in my 50 Book Challenge. I’m really stuck with The Shining, and am finding it quite hard to get into. I find it even harder to put aside a book once I’ve started reading it, so I shall persevere. I might slip in a couple of ‘easy’ books after this one. Shhh…

8 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Between City of Heavenly Fire and The Silkworm I’ve read several classic “easy” reads by Susan Mallery and feel much lighter for it. No shame here.

    • I just bought The Silkworm for a friend for her birthday, I hope she likes it!
      I’m not doing too well with reading either lately. I have so many books I’ve started and abandoned on my e-reader, and now I’ve gone back to the Song of Ice and Fire Series (book 4) … let’s see how long it takes me to finish that one!

    • I downloaded a 2 hour audiobook to help with my tally… definitely not ashamed!

  2. Love the phone cover case! I gave up on my 50 book challenge a loooong time ago. Most of my reading is for school and can’t be bothered to read anything else.
    I’ve had House of Cards on my must see list hmm might have to do a Netflix marathon this weekend.

  3. Anonymous on August 12, 2014 at 1:09 pm said:

    Love that shop my stash idea – I’m in a crazy shopping mood lately which is bad because I have a few trips coming up which I need to be saving for!
    Booko is an amazing site, I used to use it for my uni books, I was amazed when a friend showed it to me! In my feedly the image for this post which came up was my face because you linked my Q&A video instead of pepsi which is weird.
    Those iphone cases are gorgeous, bookmarking that site as they would make great gifts.
    Finally, I also found The Shining a real drag, I’m glad that it’s not me. I think it’s like 200 pages too long!

    • I want to shop, but have no money to do so! It’s so depressing 🙁

      And yeah, I’m still stuck on The Shining. I think I’m going to give it a break for a while and pick it up later in the year…

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