September Goals

First of all, lets see how I did in August

– Set up my new personal agenda
– Clean out the main hutch in the living room
– Finish organising my makeup collection

– Sort out my health insurance coverage
– Write a general plan for cleaning out the walk in wardrobe

Not a bad effort all up, and I finally managed to finish cleaning out my makeup collection, which had been a ‘work in progress’ for a few months now. I still haven’t sorted out my health insurance upgrade, but that’s mostly because I need to call them during working hours and I never get around to doing it. I’ll add it to the list again this month, and we’ll see how we go! Here is what I’m hoping to achieve in September:

– Organize a present for my BFF’s 30th birthday
– Sort out/upgrade my health insurance coverage
– Go to the Perth Royal Show
– Catch up on the 50 Book Challenge
– Start cleaning out the walk in wardrobe
– Get my health issues under control

I am 5(!) books behind in the 50 Book Challenge, so I’m making that a priority this month. How is everyone else doing with their goals? Has anyone finally managed to cross something off of their list after a few months of avoidance?

3 Thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I finally finished a book I’ve been reading for 3 months as well as tidied my makeup collection (not sorted, as my sorting buddy bailed on me) which were goals for this month just gone.
    In terms of goals I’d been avoiding – doing a No buy/spending ban and going back to my super strict PCOS diet are in progress – I’m on day five of sixtyish right now so just glad I got that underway.
    Next up is finalising plans for my sister’s wedding preparations (shoes, rehearsal dinner outfit, jewellery) and spring cleaning and decluttering for basically my whole life. Oh and exciting – opening a joint account with my partner. Only took us forever.
    Are you okay? Or is health issues more of an ‘eat better, exercise more’ kind of goal?

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