Thoughts of the week…

01) We went to see ‘Into The Storm’ last night and it was so good to finally watch a weather-based disaster movie on the big screen again! Although the underlying plot was nowhere near as good as Twister (still one of my favourite movies), the special effects were great and as a whole I enjoyed it quite a lot.

02) Jimmy Fallon & Adam Levine played ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions‘ and it was great

03) A sober nightclub sounds right up my alley, to be honest.

04) Ben says hello.

05) News broke this week that Perth is getting 7-11, which means we’ll have ready access to Krispy Kreme and Slurpees. I don’t care much about Krispy Kremes (they’re nice, but nothing I’d line up for), but I’ve always wanted to participate in free Slurpee day. I guess now I’ll have my chance!

06) These Parks & Recreation Emojis are awesome. I would use the hell out of the Tom Haverford one. #treatyoself #withemojis

07) This woman is courageous and inspiring.

08) So I never actually got around to purchasing tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert later this year, but they price has been reduced to around $80, so I guess that’s a good thing… Now I just need to get off of my butt and organize some tickets.

09) We’re finished with season one and making our way through season two of House of Cards, and the season opener blew my mind. This show is definitely worth watching, if you haven’t already tuned in.

10) We decided to bite the bullet and plan another (very small) little getaway for the end of this year. It’s only for a weekend, but it should be a nice little break. After that there will probably be very few holidays until our trip to the USA at the end of next year. But that will be worth the wait!

10 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Ah yes, House of Cards.
    I feel like Jimmy Fallon is Midas. My goodness, that was SO good.

  2. Looove 7/11 Slurpees! Krispy Kreme does a Halloween box every year and it’s so much fun. I saw your HOC tweets and bookmarked in my Netflix. Can’t wait to watch.
    Where abouts are you going in the US?

    • Ooh, I doubt we’ll get the Halloween Krispy Kreme box. I’m jealous!
      We’ve had to cut the trip down a bit (due to time and finance constraints), but at this stage it will be New York, Phoenixville (to visit my family), and then DC for a bit. East Coast!

  3. I just saw Into the Storm on the weekend! The special effects were fantastic! And despite me LOVING Sarah Wayne Callies as well as Richard Armitage;… it just didn’t have the heart. The characters weren’t so memorable.

    • Yeah, the ‘story’ wasn’t there. The whole ‘we hope this film helps people’ spiel at the end was laughable. What on earth would people learn from what they experienced? Don’t go outside in a big ass storm? No kidding! lol.

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