Thoughts of the week…

01) Lauren Conrad got married last weekend, and I am super excited to see pictures from the big day. We all know that her wedding would have been perfectly styled. So far we’ve seen a snap of her dress, and I can’t wait to see more.

02) I absolutely ADORE the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, so I was very excited to hear the news that an Ambient Lighting Blush Palette is on it’s way! I’ve been meaning to check out their range of blushes, and now I’ll be able to get three-in-one. Perfection.

03) Speaking of beautiful blushes, you ALL need to get your hands on the Tarte Amazonian Blush in the shade ‘Tipsy‘. It is to die for. I can’t say the same for the Power Pigment in the same shade, it’s a very patchy application, and feels quite drying on the lips. I’m really disappointed about that, because I thought the two would make a great pairing for a nice, bright, summery makeup look.

04) Mindy is back! I am SO happy about this show being back on my television, and now I can get back to the important task of stalking Mindy’s wardrobe every week.

05) Speaking of TV, you can see all of the fall release dates (for the US) right here.

06) Paulo Nutini performing ‘Scream (Funk My Life Up)‘ on Jimmy Kimmel is just… Wow.

07) I didn’t realise Blake Shelton was so attractive… I love Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles, and this latest one is no exception.

08) 21 cats that are better at photobombing than you.

09) This is my favourite song at the moment. It’s from an older John Mayer album, but I feel like it suits this time of year perfectly.

10) If you’ve been dying to try some of the beautiful Tanda candles I mentioned in a blog post a little while ago, now is your chance. The tripe wick candles are reduced to $55 (including the delicious sounding Liptember scent), and from the 26th to the 28th of September there will be specials on tins (2 for $20), small candles (2 for $30), medium candles (2 for $50), and large candles (2 for $50). Only the 29th all orders over $25 will be 25% off using code HAPPY25TH. Enjoy!

4 Thoughts on “Thoughts of the week…

  1. Highly underrated Mayer album. Perfect for summer.

  2. Sephora is due to come to Sydney so I’m hoping that they’ll stock Tarte as I’ve been curious about their products for a while now. Will be nice to check them out in person.

    The Tanda candle scents sound so good! If only I didn’t already have a stash of candles languishing in my cupboard that has instigated a candle-buying ban… What’s the throw like?

    • The Tanda candles are wonderful. They easily fill my living area (which opens out into the kitchen), but aren’t too overpowering.

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