Sunday Survey

01 Mood: Relaxed. It’s a long weekend so I feel like I have a little bit of extra time to get everything done this weekend.

02 Best thing about this weekend: Finally getting to catch up with my girlfriends after about a month of not seeing them. Oh, and going to the Royal Show for the first time in years.

03 Current Workout: I’ve started road-running again, after being at treadmill runner for about 6 months or so. It is (obviously) a lot harder to run on the road than it is on a treadmill, so I’m feeling the workout a lot more than I have been, which is a good thing.

04 What I’m watching: We finished up the second season of House of Cards, and were both in the mood for something else Washington-based, so we’ve started on Homeland. I’ve seen two seasons of the show already, but can’t quite remember what happens. I’m excited to see it all play out again from the start.

05 Skincare lust: A decent moisturising treatment. My skin has felt so dry lately, and I feel the need to slather it in something deeply moisturising. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

06 Listening to: I’ve listened to this song on repeat a lot this week. It’s a damn catchy song.

07 Favourite recent purchase: I saw a pair of shoes pop up on someone’s Instagram feed a few weeks ago, and made a mental note to check them out the next time I was at the shops. Lo and behold, they were still there. $25 from KMart – a cheaper alternative to the $170 Wittner pair I’ve been eyeing off.

08 What I’m reading: ‘Safe Haven’ by Nicholas Sparks. It’s completely different to the film, but somehow the exact kind of book I was in the mood to read.

09 I want: Tickets to see Ed Sheeran in concert next year.

10 Aim for this week: Plan this month’s book club meeting with my girlfriends. I got the ball rolling and enlisted some of my friends to get our book club started up again, now it’s time to plan our first ‘meeting’. Our first book is ‘The Returned’ by Jason Mott.