Thoughts of the week…

01) Krispy Kreme is opening a store in Perth at the end of the month. I wonder if the opening will cause as much chaos as it did in Adelaide? I hope not.

02) My weekly blog obsession is Girl With Curves. Tanesha is STUNNING. Stunning.

03) Speaking of girls with curves, Kim Kardashian sure did ‘break the internet’ this week. The images and gifs of Buzzfeed staff trying to replicate the champagne/glass image is one of the best things I saw online this week.

04) For my birthday Sebastian had an amazing watercolour portrait of Ben painted for me. Honestly, I can’t rave about Dimdi’s art enough. This is absolutely beautiful.

05) Box of Lies with Channing Tatum

06) What Thoughts Of The Week post would be complete without some Taylor Swift news? I read this interview with her during the week, and she came across incredibly intelligent and grounded. Yep, I adore her.

07) Speaking of Taylor… Bake It Off, with Jamie Oliver.

08) And speaking of Jamie, I finally had a chance to visit his Perth restaurant last night. And the food was amazing. Definitely worth checking out.

09) It’s a bit cheesy, but I actually really like Selena Gomez’s new song. I, like many others, seem to appreciate her way more when she’s not tied to that d-bag Justin Beiber.

10) Lucca the war veteran.

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  1. Oooh la la, Un bois vanille too?! Yummo.

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