Thoughts of the week…

01) I’ve been so busy at work this week that I’ve missed out on all of the exciting things happening on the internet. If there is anything you think I might want to see, please let me know in the comments below!

02) If you haven’t watched the Star Wars trailer, please click here immediately.

03) I love this – Diverse holiday feasts from five New York families.

04) Pepsi loves the Christmas tree… Sigh.

05) So there is a documentary on dogs riding in motorcycle sidecars. I must watch this immediately.

06) Taylor Swift announced her Australian tour for 2015 and Perth was not on the city list. Apparently it’s too hard to do both Adelaide and Perth during a tour, and Adelaide missed out on the red tour, so we miss out on this one. Whatever.

07) Although I’m mad at Taylor, I still find this cover of Blank Space utterly beautiful.

08) Parks & Recreation has a release date for it’s FINAL season. Of all time. I am so sad about this, but also really excited for it to start up again. The only downside is that we’re only getting a MONTH AND A HALF of new episodes and then that’s it. Pathetic.

09) House of Cards also released their next season screening date, and I’m SO SO SO SO SO excited for this show to be on my screen again. What makes it even better is that it’s a Netflix show, which means we get the whole season at once. Awesome.

10) Gemma sent me the link to this series of photographs during the week, and I’m seriously tempted to recreate it with Pepsi.

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