Thoughts of the week…

01) I finished reading ‘The Husband’s Secret’ by Liane Moriarty yesterday, and now I’m on a mission to read everything she’s ever written. I absolutely loved it.

02) The LEGO version of the 50 Shades Of Grey trailer is pretty funny.

03) Speaking of movies that my girlfriends and I will probably go and see for a laugh, the Magic Mike 2 trailer looks pretty dang good. Channing Tatum cracks me up.

04) I made Carmelitas last week, and they were so delicious. The recipe is incredibly easy to follow, so if you’re looking for a pretty simply baking treat to try, check this out for sure.

05) How to higlight your face – from day to night.

06) Perth is getting Noodle Night Markets this year, and I’m very excited about it.

07) The Chris Pratt/Chris Pine Jimmy Fallon photobomb video is my favourite so far.

08) Speaking of Jimmy, he redid his intro as the Fresh Prince, and it’s amazing.

09) What did we all think of Katy Perry’s SuperBowl halftime show performance? I loved seeing Missy Elliot come out and perform, although I have to admit it seemed like a strange pairing with Katy.

10) There is no denying that Left Shark was the hero of the week.