Day In The Life – Valentine’s Day 2015

I tried my hand at vlogging over the weekend, and you can see the end result in the video above. We had a low-key Valentine’s Day this year, and had our ‘big’ celebration the night before with dinner at a beautiful Indonesian restaurant. The day itself was spent shopping, relaxing, and spending time with friends. We’d planned to go and see a movie after dinner, but I got about half an hour into the film and felt so sick that we had to leave early! Hopefully we’ll get another chance to go and see something soon.

2 Thoughts on “Day In The Life – Valentine’s Day 2015

  1. What movie was it you went to go and see? Was it the movie itself that made you feel ill?
    Loved a good vlog x

    • The Kingsmen! And no, it wasn’t the movie – It was the iced coffee I had during the day (and possible the glass of wine I had at my friend’s house). My stomach is just crazy lately, I’ve had to cut out so much stuff because it’s so unhappy with me. I was up all night with severe stomach pains 🙁

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