March Finance Chat

Money money money mooooney, MONEY! It’s that time of the month again, so lets talk finances. Side note: Is anyone else absolutely horrified that it’s already the middle of March? I know I am. It means that our overseas trip is growing closer and closer, and our budget doesn’t really seem to be growing as much as I want it to. Which means it’s time to knuckle down, a time that always seems to coincide with me feeling spendy. Here’s how I went with my goals for February –

– Cut back on unecessary day-to-day spending
– Continue to use my monthly budget book to track finances
– Change my mindset to be all about saving
– Cut back on entertainment costs

I fell a bit behind on my monthly budgeting, which is due in most part to me not tracking my finances daily. And also me not having the time (sorry, making the time) to sit down and write down an entire month’s worth of spending. I’m going to work on this though, because the budget book will come in handy moving forward. Here are my financial goals for March –

– Continue to cut back on entertainment costs
– Start using up the coins in the coin jar
– Start catching the train into work again
– Track daily spending in my Erin Condren day planner

What are your financial goals for March?