April Wellness Chat

I spend a lot of time talking about life, fitness, and finance goals, but very little time talking about the things I want to achieve to help bring me some mental balance. Which is strange, because I find mental health and being able to find a bit of balance to keep you sane is so important in this day and age. I’ve decided to start setting goals for each month, so I have something to look back on and see what I’ve achieved for the year. Here are my first monthly wellness goals –

– Buy an adult colouring book (and nice pencils)
– Go screen-free after 9:30PM on week days
– Read a little bit of my book every night before bed on week days
– Make an effort to keep up contact with friends
– Spend more time “with nature” and in the garden

Those are the things I am going to focus on this month, and I’d love to hear what you do every day to help give you a bit of balance in your life.