Thoughts of the week…

01) Something I’ve been trying to implement into my life again is meditation. I found this Podcast during the week, that has a variety of different meditations to help with different stress scenarios in day to day life. I will definitely be trying to work these into my schedule at least once a week.

02) This is a really interesting piece on one of the many professional idiots out there, spewing false claims to throngs of clueless followers via the internet.

03) So I bit the bullet and ordered one of these lovely adult colouring books for myself. Now I just need to find some pretty pencils to go with it. (update: I just bought this nifty little set from KMart)

04) Ben says hello! He had a lovely Easter and is looking forward to a relaxing April.

05) I hosted my first twitter chat this week, and it was a bit of a spur of the moment thing. I’ll definitely be doing this again in the future (probably this week), so keep your eye on the #thursdayblogchat hashtag if you’re keen to join the conversation.

06) My BFF and I were discussing the film Chappie during the week, which led me to start listening to Die Antwoord. I am now obsessed with this song, and I am sure so many of you will loathe it.

07) My girl Claire uploaded her first YouTube video, so head on over and check it out!

08) The Rock lip syncing to Taylor Swift? Yes.

09) Speaking of lip sync battles, Anne Hathaway does a mean Miley Cyrus impression.

10) There isn’t much time left to enter my Audible giveaway, so be sure to pop on over and enter, if you haven’t done so already!