The Year In Food (and drink) Jan-April

There is no way around it, I love to eat. One of my favourite things to do on a night out is to visit a new (or an old favourite) restaurant here in Perth. We have such a great food scene here in Perth, and more and more amazing restaurants are popping up all over the place. I thought I’d borrow Emma’s idea, and share with you a little insight into what (and where) we’ve eaten this year so far.

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Blend – I ordered this bad boy from iHerb recently, as it’s a gluten free alternative to Nutella. It has a different consistancy (more of a mousse?), and tastes more nutty and less sweet than Nutella, but I really love it. Koko Black (Perth) – The 140 William building in Perth City houses some of my favourite foodie places, and Koko Black is where we go for dessert whenever we’re in the city at night. Their salted caramel delice is to die for delicious, and also happens to be gluten free. Win Win (for me).

Homemade Caramel Slice – Whenever we have morning tea at work, a co-worker of mine brings in this caramel slice and we all pounce on it like rabid dogs. This is a killer slice, and I’ll be posting the recipe sometime soon. I make it every now and then when I have something to go to that requires baked goods. I whipped up this batch before our Easter celebrations, as my Auntie from the USA had never tried it before. And yes, she liked it. The Local Shack (Perth) – We were struggling to think of somewhere to have dinner in the city one evening (from now on we will always go to BamBamBoo), and we decided to try this place as we were both in the mood for a burger. I ordered the ‘Pickle Me Pink’ as I love a good pickle on my burger. Long story short, it was a sweet pickle (am I the only person who doesn’t know what ploughman’s pickle is?) and I didn’t enjoy this burger at all. The meat was dry, and the chips weren’t salted. SALT IS KING, PEOPLE.

The Noodle Night Markets (Perth/Northbridge) – I was so excited when I saw advertising for the Noodle Night Markets here in Perth, as I know a lot of my Sydneysider friends are big fans. We went to the markets twice – once on a bit of a whim after work one evening (we didn’t realise there were 3 areas to check out), and again that Saturday to check out the other two areas that we had missed. It was a lot of fun, and such a great initiative. I hope they bring it back again next year.

Homemade Cinnamon Scrolls – I fail at baked goods that require yeast. These cinnamon scrolls were a huge failure, but haven’t deterred me completely. I will try again one day. I still have romantic dreams about the cinnamon scroll I ate at a farmer’s market in the US and I can’t wait to eat another one later in the year. BamBamBoo (Perth) – This is currently our favourite restaurant, and we’ve been back over and over again since first discovering it earlier this year. We now know exactly what we like, and are at the stage where we order the same thing over and over when we go there because we know we love it (me: crispy squid and prawn hargao, sebastian: pork and chive dumplings). It’s great to have a dumpling place available in the CBD, because can be a real effort to trek into Northbridge sometimes.

Coles Bagels – Our local Coles has an in-store bakery, and their bagels are DIVINE. This was a regular weekend treat for us, but now I can’t have a lot of wheat/gluten it’s going to be a once in a while kind of treat. I love my bagels with butter and vegemite, which might seem like blasphemy to some but WHATEVER. I can’t wait to gross out Americans by slathering my bagels with vegemite when we’re in New York. The Stables Bar (Perth) – We popped to the Stables Bar after work one Thursday evening before a team dinner with my co-workers. This place seems to have steadily increased in popularity since it first opened a little while ago, and it’s a great place to pop for a quick drink. Definitely not for a quiet drink though, if that’s what your after. My drink of choice: vodka and crankberry juice. Sebastian’s drink of choice: Scotch.

Monggo (Mount Lawley) – Sebastian is a huge fan of Rendang curry, and although nothing so far has compared to what we had at Mamasan in Bali (or my dad’s homemade beef rendang) we are still on the lookout for a delicious frontrunner in Perth. We popped to Monggo for a date night earlier in the year, and although their beef rendang was delicious, it was also covered in and contained a lot of coconut – which Sebastian is not a fan of. The search continues! Homemade Carmelitas – I was in the mood to whip up a sweet treat one weekend, and carmelitas seemed perfect. These were delicious, but not something you want to have lying around the house too often as they are incredibly indulgent!

Homemade Chicken Ceasar Salad – Ceasar salads are a new discovery for Sebastian, but I’ve been eating them for years. In fact, whenever I went out for dinner in my early 20’s my go-to meal choice was Chicken Ceasar Salad. I’m just that basic. Anyway, I’ve taken to making it at home and it’s pretty good if I do say so myself. The next step in the ‘mastering ceasar salad’ process will be creating my own sauce. Occy’s (Dunsborough) – Did you know Rosé and Lemonade actually taste really good together? I didn’t, until I ordered this delicious drink at Occy’s when we were down south earlier in the year. It instantly became my summertime alcoholic drink of choice.