April Empties / Project 50 Pan (part 7)

Kerastase Nectar Thermique – I’m mentioning this as an empty product, but not including it in the tally because I repurchased another tube right before I finished this one. I discovered this near-empty bottle in the back of my cupboard recently and was so happy to use it again. My hair loves this product. I try to use it every day before I blow dry my hair, and there is always noticeable difference in my hair when I do.

30) L’Oreal Sublime Mousse in Pure Brown – The only thing I keep once I’ve finished up this hair dye is the conditioning treatment that comes in the box, so that’s what I’m sharing with you in this empties post. I had four of these squirreled away in my empties basket, but I definitely didn’t use them all up over the course of one month. I tend to dye my hair every month and a half or so, which is still quite frequent. I only ever use this one hair dye, and you can read all of my thoughts on it here.

31) Schwarzkopf Deep Nutrition Intensive Care Mask – I picked this up back when Sebastian and I were driving from Adelaide to Perth early last year, as my hair wasn’t doing a great job of coping with the travel. I didn’t love it. It was too heavy for my hair, and instead of leaving it feeling nice and silky it felt weighed down and a bit oily. I ended up using it just on the ends of my hair just to use it up, and I won’t be repurchasing it.

32) Fresh Tinted Lip Conditioner in Rose – This has been my daily lip colour for a long time now, and I included it in my Autumn Capsule Makeup Collection to reflect this. This was a travel sized version, and to my horror I’m also down to the last few wears of my full sized tube too. It might be time for a Sephora order soon. Uh oh.

LUSH Big Shampoo – Again, I’m mentioning this but not counting it in the 50 Pan Challenge as it’s a staple in my beauty cupboard and I just had to repurchase it as soon as this tub was finished. I use this every weekend as a clarifying shampoo to help give my hair a really deep clean. I’ve been using Big for a couple of years now, and it’s a firm favourite in my hair care routine. Everyone I’ve recommended this to has loved it as well, I think it’s a worthy addition to all hair care routines. Buy it!

33) Herbal Essences Colour Me Happy Shampoo – I used up the conditioner from this duo back in January but still had a little way to go with the shampoo. I really loved this, and will be repurchasing it again soon (when we run out of all the other shampoo and conditioner I’ve hoarded over the years).