May Goals

I don’t know who started this stupid meme, but it’s all I’ve had in my head since the month began. May is always a sort of nothing month for me. Nothing that exciting happens, and it never seems to stand out too much in the yearly calendar. But we’ll see how we go! Maybe this year will be different? Anyhoo, here’s how I went with last month’s goals

– Host a ‘crafternoon’ with girlfriends.
– Change my address at two service providers (I changed one)
– Organize a gift for a co-worker who is going on maternity leave
– Organize birthday gifts for my dad, brother, and sister (and celebrate!)
– Clean out and organize the linen press
– Bake tequila lime cheesecake bars for my BFFs Mexican Fiesta Night

– Catch up on my 50 Book Challenge

I am still four books behind on my book challenge, how pathetic is that? I really need to catch up, because once you hit four books behind it can become far too easy to just give up. I haven’t gotten around to hosting a crafternoon yet, but hope too soon. For some reason I’ve had the urge to do some kind of cross-stitch (maybe after seeing something similar pop up in an Essie Button vlog?), so I might try and integrate that in too. Here are my goals for May –

– Change my address at one service provider
– Catch up on my 50 Book Challenge
– Bake cheesecake bars for Mother’s Day high tea
– Help organise and celebrate my best friend’s hens evening
– Clean out the bathroom cupboard
– Clean out the fridge
– Have a board game night with family
– Plan the next book club meeting (we’re a little bit behind)

Wish me luck!