Autumn/Winter To-Do List (check in)

Guess who is not doing particularly well with goal setting/achieving lately? Yes, that’s right. Me. I find checking in with my list of goals is a great way to kick-start my motivation, and now that I’ve looked at this list again I feel inspired to start crossing some of them off. Here are the things I want to do this Autumn/Winter season:

– Make peppermint hot chocolate (I haven’t done this yet, but now I have an epic craving for peppermint hot chocolate. thanks, self)
– Perfect 3 new cookie recipes (See above)
– Go away for the weekend to celebrate Sebastian’s birthday
– Get a professional pedicure
– Paint the house
– Enjoy lazy Sunday mornings in bed and around the table (pots of tea, indulgent breakfast, books) (My biggest struggle with this is finding the time, or really setting the time aside to do this. There are always so many things to get done on the weekend, and ‘winding down’ isn’t ever a priority)
– Make big pots of soup every weekend (I made one pot of soup and it was a fail, so that put me off)
– Re-read ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy
– Buy a nice new winter coat (I ordered a coat from ASOS recently but it ended up being a huge shapeless sack. Back to the drawing board)
– Learn how to make a great curry from scratch
– Spend rainy weekend evenings playing board games with the family (Soon!)
– Invest in a good hydrating face mask (and use it weekly!)

See how I haven’t crossed one item off of my list yet? I’m glad I checked in! How are you all going with your seasonal to-do lists? Jen from JenLovesKev just posted about her Summer Bucket List, and it’s pretty amazing.