May Wellness Chat

Last month I brought up the fact that I talk about a lot off different kinds of goals in life, but rarely about mental wellness and the sort of things I want to achieve to help me with that balance. I set some wellness goals for the month, so lets see how I did:

– Buy an adult colouring book (and nice pencils)
– Go screen-free after 9:30PM on week days
– Read a little bit of my book every night before bed on week days
– Make an effort to keep up contact with friends
– Spend more time “with nature” and in the garden

My obsession with colouring is going strong, as evidenced by the image that the top of this post. I struggled with going screen free after 9:30pm, I might need to push that back to 10pm moving forward. I feel like I lose track of time in the evenings, and although we go to bed relatively early, I’ll often look at my phone and it will be well after 9:30pm. Oops. I’ve fallen off the wagon with my reading, and I really need to get back on track. I need to make more of an effort to read and unwind before falling asleep, but I find as soon as I crawl into bed during the week all I want to do is sleep! Keeping in contact with friends has been much easier since my girlfriends and I started a group WhatsApp group chat. We now converse daily (in some way), which is wonderful. I haven’t spent much time outside lately, mostly due to time restrictions. Soon! Here are my goals for the upcoming month:

– Spend time on Tuesday and Thursday evenings doing things for me
– Meditate once a week
– Spend some time on Sunday evenings in ‘wind down’ mode
– Practice daily affirmations
– Work on a vision board

What are your wellness goals for the month?