Product Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File

I will go ahead and preface this review with the fact that feet are just one of those things that give me the heebie jeebies. I don’t know why, but they gross me out. If you’ve ever posted a picture of your feet on Instagram and have not had a million other redeeming qualities I’ve probably unfollowed you. Sorry. No I’m not sorry, feet are disgusting please stop sharing images of them on social media. Anyway, on with the review. Winter is the hardest time for my feet, mostly because I hide them away in socks and stockings and easily forget about them. They say summer bodies are made in winter, and I think the same can be said about “summer feet”. My goal this year is to take as good care of my feet during the cold weather months as I can, so I’m happy to put them in a pair of sandals when the blistering heat of summer rolls around. This was an interesting device to use, sort of like a belt sander for your feet. But damn, it works. My feet felt silky smooth afterwards, and I will be using this little beauty time and time again whenever my feet require a little TLC. To use you simply switch it on (it comes with batteries included), and run it over the areas of your feet that need a bit of work. Don’t hold it in one area for too long though, as it can become quite sensitive. To clean you simply remove the roller head, wash it under water and leave it to dry. Easy! The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File retails for $49.99 AUD (currently on sale for $39.99) and is available from Priceline (please note: product was sent for consideration for review).