July Goals

I’ll preface this post by saying there is less than six months to go until Christmas. If that doesn’t strike excitement into the pits of your belly we obviously don’t see eye to eye on how amazing Christmas is. Here’s how I went with my goals for June

– Have a board game night with the family
– Clean out the bathroom cupboard
– Plan a fun Magic Mike XXL viewing night with my girlfriends
– Make potato & leek soup
– Go for a walk along the coast
– Start planning a mini holiday for Sebastian’s birthday

Three out of six ain’t bad I guess? A 50% success rate, that’s how I’ll look at it. I haven’t been able to convince anyone to come for a walk along the coast with me, so that’s been postponed for a bit. I still haven’t cleaned out the bathroom cupboard, mostly because it’s reached the state where it’s a full blown effort and I just can’t be bothered dealing with it. I didn’t make potato & leek soup, but I did make a yummy lamb, vegetable, and barley soup, so that’s something. Here are my goals for July –

– Finish organizing (and go on) a mini holiday for Sebastian’s birthday
– Clean out the bathroom cupboard
– Go to see a dietician
– Organize (and go to) Sebastian’s birthday events
– Do my tax return
– Get my eyes tested (I’m due!)

This is a pretty easy list for me to achieve in July, but there’s nothing wrong with that! What’s on your list of goals for the month?