Product Review: Palmolive Body Polish

A truly great shower gel has to smell so good you want to eat it, right? Well if you agree with that statement you’re going to love these new releases from Palmolive. “An exfoliating bodywash gel, Palmolive Body Polish promises to renew and revitalize the skin with naturally derived super fruit extracts containing anti-oxidant properties.” Sounds pretty good, right? All three of these smell really good, and yes they do smell like something I want to eat. So that’s a win. My favourite of the three scents is Acai Berry. Something about it sent me right back to high school, it’s very reminiscent of something I used around that time. The lovely little trip I took down Nostalgia Lane while using this in the shower one evening was quite wonderful actually (isn’t it funny how a scent can instantly transport you away to a different time and place?). I really liked these as a shower gel, but to be honest they didn’t do much for me in the way of exfoliation. I’m used to sugar scrubs that really get in there and work at your skin, these are far more gentle. They work wonderfully as a shower gel, they lather up a lot, smell amazing, and leave the skin feeling smooth and moisturised. If you’re in the market for a cheap and cheerful body wash you can pick up while doing your groceries, definitely check these out. The Palmolive Body Polish retails for $6.99 AUD (for 400ml) and are available for purchase from major supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide (please note: product was sent for consideration for review).

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  1. I picked up the passionfruit one and it’s awesome!

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