Thoughts of the week…

01) My new obsession is Italian white wine. You can get a really decent bottle for so cheap. Worth checking out the international aisle of your local wine stockist.
02) Australia has had a bit of a tumultuous week! We have a new Prime Minister, and I’m interested to see if this takes us in a new direction. Probably not, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
03) The new Lana Del Rey album should be out by this weekend, and my spring/summer playlist will be complete.
04) Jessie Baylin’s house/life/daughter is beautiful.
05) If you’re looking for a new show to watch, I highly recommend Narcos. I’d heard the title being mentioned here and there on Twitter and decided to watch the first episode. We’re a few episodes in and we’re hooked.
06) I am so far behind in my reading for the month (and the year), it’s embarrassing! I haven’t even started reading the Look At All These Books book club book for September. HELP!
07) The seasons of good TV is upon us! If you’re interested in checking out the fall lineup and season schedule you can do so here.
08) “Looks” with Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and Will Ferrell.
09) Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke
10) I’m obsessed with NetGalley!