Fun fact about me: I worked at a local florist during part of my time at high school. The more you know. I was recently given the opportunity to order a bouquet of flowers from, to see how I felt about their services. I really enjoyed my experience with the company and thought I’d share my thoughts with you all, just in case you’re looking for a decent online store to order beautiful bouquets from. It feels a little bit strange to send flowers to yourself (for the record: it’s not, it’s a wonderful thing to do), so I decided to send them to someone who I felt needed them more: Pepsi. Earlier that day, the gate we’ve been using to section Ben off in parts of the house had fallen on Pepsi (after Ben nudged it with his nose). As you can imagine, Pepsi was in a bit of a bad mood. What better way to cheer her up than to send her a bouquet of fresh flowers? I knew she’d love them. offer delivery to Perth, and same day delivery if you place your order before 2pm on weekdays (or 10am on Saturday). One thing I noticed and found especially handy when placing my order is that the site offers you a few options for when your flowers can’t be delivered. This may not sound like much, but recently when my girlfriends and I tried to surprise a friend with a bunch of flowers, not having her there on hand to pick them up caused some confusion and run-around. Having the option to choose alternatives like having the flowers redelivered the next day, or saying it was fine to leave the bouquet at the delivery location if the recipient wasn’t available to collect them is a great feature that this company offers. Sebastian also mentioned to me that the delivery driver called him about 15 minutes before delivery (actually, he asked to speak to Pepsi), to make sure someone was home. I think this is another good feature, although it takes some of the surprise out of the delivery, it does make sure the flowers are delivered efficiently. The flowers themselves were gorgeous and great quality, fresh pink tulips that opened up over the following days. I ordered one of the Serendipity bouquets – 20 stems for $49.95, but there are larger tulip bouquet options for $69.95 (for 30 stems) and $89.95 (for 40 stems). The card was handwritten in beautiful penmanship, and Pepsi was very pleased. I do wonder what the florist thought of the message inside the card though, that makes me laugh. All up I was very pleased with the service and product quality of and would highly recommend them to others.