October Wellness Chat

Whenever I search for a picture to use to accompany these kinds of posts, I’m always drawn to shots of Pepsi. Do you think it’s because her life is essentially 24/7 relaxation? Probably. Just look at how relaxed and mentally sound she looks. If only, eh? Here’s how I went with my wellness goals for September, and some I’m hoping to achieve this month –

– Continue with daily affirmations(I’m crossing this off because I did achieve this for the most part of the month, although I’ve found myself slipping a bit since being on holidays. I need to work out a way to fit it into my new daily routine!)
– Read at night (most nights, when possible) before bed
– Take 3 months off work (you know I had to put this in here)(Aww yeh.)
– Deal with the things that cause me niggling negative emotions(I’ve had some larger life issues step in and make these little things seem like nothing at all, so I guess that’s the universe crossing this one off the list for me?)
– Go for a walk along the coast

– Read at night (most nights, when possible) before bed
– Go for a walk along the coast
– Spend some time colouring in every day
– Make time for “pampering” at least once a week (my nails currently look like the bitten-down stumps of a wizened gnome)
– Study and try to keep my mind active while on holidays

One Thought on “October Wellness Chat

  1. I think its important to try and not watch tv before bed, but i really can’t help it! I want to try and get back into my adult colouring books i have! Great tips!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

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