November Goals

I am actually really struggling with having so much free time, how pathetic is that? I was discussing it with my mum the other day, and she agreed with me that the more time you have the less you manage to get done. This has been so true for me, so I’m making a conscious effort to pack as much into each day as I possibly can. Here’s how I went with my October Goals, and some goals I’ve set myself for November –

October Goals
* Make an appointment with the bank to talk about refinancing my mortgage – Nope.
* Go shopping for “school supplies” for my course – Kind of, although I pretty much had everything I needed already, so it was a small shop.
* Go on a girls trip down south – This was much needed, and enjoyed by all.
* Weed the entire garden (this has become a bit of a nightmare) – I’ve gotten started on this, but we still have a way to go.
* Start painting the house – One day, eh?
* Host an afternoon tea & utilise the new outdoor setting – Not yet.

November Goals
* Pick a “death row dinners” themed dessert to make for our pot luck dinner party club dinner – any suggestions?
* Weed, tidy, and re-mulch the back garden
* Cancel an old credit card
* Replace the washing machine (ours broke, can you imagine how frustrating life is without a washing machine? it’s a hundred times worse than what you’d imagine)
* Organize my birthday celebrations
* Write a Christmas shopping list
* Write a Christmas to-do list