Thoughts of the week…

01) Sebastian and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary recently, and to celebrate we went to a delicious Malaysian restaurant called Pappa Rich. I just found out they’ve opened a new branch close to where we live, so it’s happy days ahead.
02) I did a bit of shopping on with BooHoo yesterday, and it was dispatched within a few hours of me placing the order. I opted for express shipping so hopefully it arrives before my birthday. Fingers crossed!
03) Speaking of which, it’s my birthday next week. How has it been a whole year since my last birthday? Time flies.
04) I recently read ‘You’ by Caroline Kepnes, and it’s up there with my favourite books of 2015. I got so excited when I saw there was a sequel, but devastated when I realised it doesn’t come out until 2016! Argh.
05) Is anyone else disappointed with Sephora Australia? From what I’ve seen so far they have barely any brands that I’d be interested. Hopefully they branch out a bit as time goes on. GIVENCHY PLS.
06) Jason Derulo Carpool Karaoke
07) What Animals Sound Like In 10 Different Countries
08) If Goosebumps Books Were Set In Australia
09) This is just a little bit too real.
10) Creepy Text Theatre with Sasha Grey