Christmas To-Do List

HAPPY DAYS everyone, Christmas is right around the corner! Traditionally I wait until after my birthday (this Friday, for those playing at home), before I let the excitement of Christmas really sink in and take over. I’ve not been feeling it that much this year so far, but I have to admit when the first bars of a Christmas carol start to play – I can sense that happy Christmas feeling creep up. There are certain things I like to do each year around Christmastime, and I thought I’d share them with you all in the form of a handy to-do list. I will report back after Christmas and let you know how I went. Here’s my Christmas To-Do List for the year –

Set budget for Christmas shopping
Watch Home Alone
Write a Christmas “shopping” list (presents!)
Watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special
Organise a Christmas dinner with girlfriends
Watch Elf
Bake Christmas cookies
Put up the Christmas tree/decorate the house
Watch Home Alone 2
Create a new Christmas carol playlist
Watch The Santa Clause
Wrap presents
Watch The Santa Clause 2
Organise a Christmas shopping day with mum
Watch The Polar Express
View the Christmas lights in the city
Drive around and look at Christmas lights

2 Thoughts on “Christmas To-Do List

  1. we do Bad Santa every year. We are terrible people.
    I’d also like to do a midnight christmas eve mass. i’m not even christian. but i completely want in on that.

    • Jessica on December 11, 2015 at 5:57 pm said:

      As a good teenage girl I’ve been to my fair share of midnight masses! There was one my family and I used to go to and there would be a featured newborn baby every year who got to play Jesus in the nativity scene. At the end of the night they got a “I played Jesus at the ‘X Church’ midnight mass” t-shirt. I was oddly envious.

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