Mecca Haul

As I mentioned in my last Thoughts Of The Week post, I recently purchased a face mask after seeing it on ChelseaWears‘ snapchat. Totally normal single white female behaviour. Of course it’s physically impossible to buy just ONE thing from Mecca, so here’s the full list of what I picked up –

I’ve already used (and love) the mask, but I’m on the fence about the serum. I think I need to use it a few more times to see how my skin feels about it. The muslin cloths are a repurchase, so I already know I like those and the lip chic was something of a miracle because it ended up being exactly the shade I was after (despite me ordering it based on a dodgy swatch I saw online). I haven’t tried any of the samples yet, but I’m excited to see what they’re like. I did the math and the Dr Dennis Gross sample is worth around $8, which makes it possibly the most expensive free sample I’ve ever received with an online beauty order.