Fremantle “Ghostly” Tour

For our anniversary last year, I bought two tickets for Sebastian and I to go on a “ghostly tour” of Fremantle. We decided to wait until the cold weather rolled around to book an evening to go on the tour, because it seemed like more of a dead-of-winter sort of activity. The tour begins in Fremantle near the town hall where you board an old tram car and settle in for the ride. I was surprised at how full the tram was, it was nearly packed to the brim with only a handful of seats left by the time everyone had boarded. To be honest I really didn’t think it would be such a popular event, but there was a great turn out and it seemed like people of all ages had come along for the fun.

We headed down to Cicerellos to pick up dinner (a generous serving of delicious fish and chips), that we then ate in the tram as we slowly made our way through Fremantle. We were advised that the stops vary from tour to tour, depending on the requirements of sites like the Fremantle Art Centre that often holds events on a Friday night. On our tour night we visited the Fremantle Cemetary, the Arts Centre, and finished it off with a walking tour of Fremantle Prison. My favourite part of the night was definitely the prison, I hadn’t been there since high school and it’s such a fascinating (and spooky) place.

The tour guides did a really great job of making it interesting and interactive, and although we didn’t see any ghosts in the flesh there was still a spooky enough vibe to make it a creepy night. I’d recommend the tour to anyone looking for something different to do on a Friday night in Perth. I bought out tickets from Red Balloon and it cost $170 for 2 people with dinner and a drink included on the night.