Erin Condren Haul (+ planner update)

I have developed a bad habit of getting sick of my personal planner about 5-6 months into using it, and then buying something new. I’m coming up to my 6th month of using my new Plum Paper Planner, so of course I went ahead and purchased myself something new. I’ve been really drawn to Erin Condren’s new cover designs, so that plus the fact that the planner now comes in a neutral colour scheme was enough to draw me in and convince me to take the plunge.

Here’s what I picked up:

I ordered the ‘Blossom’ Life Planner with black spiral, in the neutral horizontal layout. I also picked up a large classic lined ‘Watercolour Floral’ notebook with a rose gold spiral. I’m planning to use the planner as my general planner to track events and things I have to do, and the notebook is going to be my day-to-day list holder. I track a lot of things in my current planner (what TV show’s we’re watching, life to-do lists, house project lists, shopping lists, etc), and I’m trying to streamline the process in two different areas. I’ve shifted my daily to-do list writing to an app (shock horror!) and have been loving Wunderlist for this. By the way, if you’d like $10 off your own Erin Condren goodies, please feel free to use my referral code.

4 Thoughts on “Erin Condren Haul (+ planner update)

  1. These are so pretty! Bit expensive though. I do love making lists and filling out my Diary, but I guess I’m not a hardcore planner addict if I can’t drop $65 odd on a life planner, even though its super cute!

  2. JacqLivesHere on August 15, 2016 at 11:33 am said:

    Same! But my problem is more the size and weight… I had an EC last year, and switched to a Plum this year, but I’ve found it to be heavier and a touch larger than the EC, which has meant I haven’t been using it as much, as I’m sick of carting it around! I’m thinking of picking up an A5 Kikki K for the rest of the year, then re-assessing at the end… I will likely head down the same track as you re: two different options for different purposes!

  3. The watercolors one is so pretty!

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