Thoughts Of The Week…

01) My new beauties arrived from Erin Condren, and I am in love. I still haven’t had time to transfer everything across from my old planner, but I’m hoping to get that done sometime this weekend.

02) I’ve been obsessively stalking Whitty Novels on Youtube and all of her social media platforms this week. I love this girl.

03) This remix of the Stranger Things theme song is awesome.

04) They’re calling this Olympics the most meme-able Olympics ever and I have to be honest, I’m loving it.

05) Speaking of Olympics, this story about Zac Efron flying over to meet Simone Biles and the final five is adorable.

06) American Horror Story season 6 will be starting up soon, and I’m not sure if we’ll be tuning in. To be honest we didn’t watch any of ‘Hotel’. Maybe the thrill has worn off? I might just wait and see what people think of it when it airs.

07) Speaking of TV shows – Scream is over for another season! I hope you’re all watching this, it’s become one of our favourite shows to watch each week. I’m so sad it’s over but it’s available Netflix for any of you who are interested.

08) I hit the jackpot at the book exchange today, and walked away with two bags of Sweet Valley University books. There goes my self-imposed book buying ban.

09) The comments section of this Reddit thread are actually VERY readable.

10) This is my favourite song at the moment.

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  1. Oh man, that reddit thread was the best thing I read last week!

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