Halloween To-Watch List

Halloween is becoming more and more of a thing here in Australia, and I’m happy to embrace it. I haven’t gone so far as to decorate our house yet, but more stores are bring out cute Halloween decorations and I have to admit I’m tempted. One tradition I’ve embraced for quite a while now is watching Halloween themed movies around this time of year. I have my favourites (like I do with my Christmas movies) that I rewatch every year, and occasionally I’ll work something new into the mix. Here’s what I’m planning to watch this year –

What are your favourite Halloween movies?

2 Thoughts on “Halloween To-Watch List

  1. Ooh this reminds me I haven’t seen Goosebumps yet! I loved the recent Ghostbusters remake, and really should watch the original again. There’s a few I think will be OK to see with my 9 year old – Coraline, Casper, Corpse Bride and Hotel Transylvania. Hopefully he doesn’t get nightmares!

    • Jessica on October 30, 2016 at 9:03 am said:

      You should watch Goosebumps, it’s so much fun and brings the nostalgia. Fingers crossed your 9YO remains nightmare-free!

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