March TBR (Nostalgic Reads)


Sweet Valley High #13 – Kidnapped“Elizabeth Wakefield never imagined that her evening of volunteer work at Sweet Valley’s hospital would turn into the most horrifying night of her life. But when a strong hand clamps a chloroformed rag over her mouth and she is pulled from her car, Elizabeth’s hellish ordeal begins. When she regains consciousness, Elizabeth finds herself tied to a chair in an isolated shack. She has been kidnapped by Carl, a lonely and disturbed orderly from the hospital. Elizabeth doesn’t know what Carl wants from her, but it’s clear he’s on the brink of insanity. Somehow Elizabeth must escape before it’s too late!”

Sweet Valley University Super Thriller #2 – He’s Watching You“For months William White has been desperate to possess Elizabeth. Now he’s finally escaped from the mental institution – and he’s ready to set his deadly plan in motion. Elizabeth Wakefield is trapped in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Pitted against an unknown opponent, Elizabeth has to win the game – or lose her life. Jessica Wakefield is determined to save her sister. Can she stop the stalker in time? Watch out, Elizabeth… the hunt is on!”

The Lifeguard by Richie Tankersley Cusick – “Kelsey’s summer should have been paradise: An invitation to rich and famous Beverly Island, complete with sun-drenched beaches and three gorgeous lifeguards on duty. But Kelsey’s summer is the opposite of paradise. It starts with the note under her pillow from a girl who’s missing. Then there’s the crazy man in the lighthouse who won’t leave Kelsey alone. And there have been a number of suspicious drownings… At least she has the lifeguards around to protect her… Poor Kelsey. Someone forgot to tell her that lifeguards don’t always like to save lives.”

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