Nostalgic Book Haul (December)


Goosebumps #7 – Night Of The Living Dummy“Lindy names the ventriloquist’s dummy she finds Slappy. Slappy is kind of ugly, but he’s a lot of fun. Lindy’s having a great time learning to make Slappy move and talk. But Kris is jealous of all the attention her sister is getting. It’s no fair. Why does Lindy always have all the luck? Kris decides to get a dummy of her own. She’ll show Kris. Then weird things begin to happen. Nasty things. Evil Things. No way a dummy can be causing all the trouble. Or is there?”
Sweet Valley High #42 – Caught In The Middle“Sandra Bacon has finally found a boy to love. Manuel Lopez is kind, sensitive, and handsome, and he cares about Sandra as much as she cares about him. But there is one problem: Sandy’s parents don’t approve of Manuel. So the couple must keep their love and their precious moments together a secret. Then eyewitnesses place Manuel at the scene of a life-threatening accident, and only Sandy can clear his name. If she tells the truth, she may lose her parents’ trust and love; but if she doesn’t, she will certainly lose Manuel forever.”
Sweet Valley High #46 – Decisions“Robin Wilson’s aunt is putting pressure on her to apply for early admission to Sarah Lawrence, her aunt and grandmother’s alma mater. Since her aunt is paying for her education, Robin is torn between making her aunt happy and not leaving her boyfriend, George.”

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