February TBR (Nostalgic Reads)


Sweet Valley High #19 – Showdown“When Lila Fowler’s mysterious new boyfriend finally appears at her pool party, Jessica Wakefield is dazzled. Jack is handsome, sexy, and exciting — even more perfect than Lila described him. So Jessica wastes no time making sure he notices her, too. Unknown to Lila, Jack dates both girls — Jessica during the week and Lila on weekends. But the sight of Lila’s happy face on Monday mornings is more than Jessica can stand! Jessica’s twin sister, Elizabeth, warns her to drop Jack before she really gets hurt. But Jessica would rather get Lila out of the picture. Then Jack will be hers — all hers.”
Sweet Valley High #20 – Crash Landing!“George Warren has been looking forward to taking his girlfriend, Enid Rollins, as a passenger on his first licensed flight. Afterward he’s going to tell her something he’s known for a long time — he doesn’t love her anymore, and their relationship is over. Then he’ll be free to date Robin Wilson, the girl he does love. But as he and Enid are flying, George loses control of the plane and is forced to make a crash landing. Enid is seriously injured, and George is overcome with guilt. He can’t possibly break up with Enid now. But how long can he pretend to be in love with her and continue living a lie?”
Sweet Valley University #16 – The Other Woman“Jessica Wakefield is in love with the wrong man. Both she and her professor, Louis Miles, know that getting involved will only lead to heartbreak. But can they deny the force of their passion? Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins are shaking up Sweet Valley University! They’ve discovered corruption in the administration that is more rampant than anything they could have imagined. But is blowing the lid off the scandal worth risking their lives? Lila Fowler and Bruce Patman are living together! They’ve got a perfect apartment, perfect furniture, and the perfect relationship – until their families cut them off. Can Lila and Bruce live on nothing but love?”
Sweet Valley University #17 – Deadly Attraction“Jessica Wakefield is crushed. It turns out her new love, Professor Louis Miles, is married – and his wife is out for blood. Will Jessica’s bittersweet romance end in tragedy? Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins are running out of time. If they can’t expose the conspiracy that’s tearing Sweet Valley University apart, they may not live to see another day. Winston Egbert in the army? Now that Winston’s been caught cheating, his father is teaching him a lesson – by sending him to boot camp! Lila Fowler and Bruce Patman defied their parents and moved in together. Now they’re sleeping under a leaky roof, on a sagging bed, with only roaches for company. Who ever said that poverty was romantic?”