May TBR (Nostalgic Reads)


Sweet Valley High #24 – Memories“The Wakefield twins’ older brother, Steven, hasn’t dated anyone since his girlfriend died of leukaemia. He can’t even look at another girl without thinking of his beloved Tricia. But Steven is drawn to Cara Walker. Sweet Valley’s biggest flirt and gossip has changed. Her parents have divorced, and her father and brother have moved away. Cara understands the pain of losing someone. When Tricia’s sister Betsy sees Steven and Cara dancing together at a party, she accuses Steven of forgetting about Tricia. Steven is torn by Betsy’s bitter accusation. He can’t deny his attraction to Cara. But how can he ever love another girl after Tricia?”
Sweet Valley High #25 – Nowhere to Run“Elizabeth Wakefield is surprised when Emily Mayer tells her she wants to join the school newspaper. After all, Emily’s a musician, not a writer. Why would The Droids’ crack drummer turn to writing, especially when the band is so popular? Emily confides to Elizabeth that she’s having problems at home. Her stepmother has imposed a strict curfew and gets annoyed whenever Emily practices her drumming. What’s worse, Emily’s father seems to agree with his new wife. Emily’s certain her stepmother is out to get her – and she’s succeeding. Can Elizabeth help Emily before the situation at the Mayer home reaches the breaking point?”
Sweet Valley University #21 – For the Love of Ryan“Ryan Taylor is a hunk with an attitude. He’s learned about life the hard way, and now no ties can hold him down – especially the emotional kind. But will his troubled past keep him from the Wakefield twin he secretly desires? Jessica Wakefield always gets what she wants. And now she wants head lifeguard Ryan Taylor. Can Jessica beat the competition and swim her way into Ryan’s heart? Elizabeth Wakefield can’t do anything right! And if she messes up one more time, she won’t make lifeguard this year. Elizabeth needs to prove she can work harder than anyone else. But if gorgeous Ryan Taylor doesn’t cut her a break soon, she may drown in the attempt.”
Sweet Valley University – Super Thriller #4 – The House of Death“Lila Fowler is trapped in a collapsed building. When she emerges from a coma, will a brilliant young psychiatrist help her build a new life – or turn her dreams to rubble? Porter Davis is thrilled to have Lila under his spell. And the more deeply he controls her mind, the more villainous his plans for her become. Bruce Patman knows Porter Davis is bad news, but Lila refuses to heed Bruce’s warnings. Can Bruce make Lila see through Porter’s perfect facade before it’s too late? Jessica Wakefield feels bad that Tom Watts lost his dorm room in the earthquake – but that doesn’t mean she wants him for a roommate. Will Jessica make Elizabeth choose between her boyfriend and her twin sister?”

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