March Finance Chat

Money money money mooooney, MONEY! It’s that time of the month again, so lets talk finances. Side note: Is anyone else absolutely horrified that it’s already the middle of March? I know I am. It means that our overseas trip is growing closer and closer, and our budget doesn’t really seem to be growing as … Continue reading “March Finance Chat”

January Finance Chat

And we’re BACK for another year of finance chats and just generally being financially responsible! Who’s excited? I know I am! I always seem to have a renewed sense of purpose with budgeting when a new year rolls around. Fresh start, clean slate, etc. December is nearly always an absolute blow out when it comes … Continue reading “January Finance Chat”

November Finance Chat

Fun fact: I was tempted to buy return flights to Bali at the end of November. Am I crazy? Possibly. BUT they were on sale, so I guess I can sort of justify my momentary madness. Also, I have massive wanderlust at the moment and am craving some sort of extended holiday. Alas, money. It’s … Continue reading “November Finance Chat”