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I’ve never been a fan of writing ‘about me’ sections. Is it because I’m an ISFJ? Who knows. But hey, there is a little factoid for you. I am an introvert, which could be why blogging comes so naturally to me. The Belle Lumiere has primarily been a beauty blog since it’s conception in 2009, but has evolved into something more of a lifestyle blog. I still share my beauty favourites (and my never ending attempts to whittle down my stash), but I also share things like what I’m reading, how I plan and organize my life, where I travel to, my health and fitness journey, personal finance, and the things I am thinking about from week to week.

Who am I? I’m Jessica, a 30 year old gal from Western Australia. You may also hear me talking about my partner Sebastian, Pepsi (the sassiest cat in the West), and everybody’s favourite beagle Ben.

Things I Love
T2 French Earl Grey Tea
Post Apocalyptic/Apocalyptic Books
A well curated wardrobe
Writing lists
Setting personal goals
Chicken Salt
Watching conspiracy theory videos on YouTube
The library
A good glass of red wine on a cold night
The post-workout high
The little fat crows I see hopping along the side of the freeway as I crawl my way to work
When one of my favourite artists releases a new album
General life organization
Date night dinner and a movie
Family BBQs in summer
My core group of girlfriends (that I’ve had for 17 years+)
The Kim Kardashian iPad game
Lazy breakfasts

Things I Do Not Love
Meals that combine meat + fruit (apricot chicken? why.)
Being physically unable to sleep in for the last 5 years
My feet
Other people’s feet
Filling my car with petrol
Colouring my hair

I can be contacted via email, or you could always pop over and visit me on Twitter (or Instagram).

10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi there, I noticed you mentioned that you use the Hop Shop Go forwarding service and also use Bath and Body Works products! Just wondering if you have ordered their products through Hop Shop Go and if you have, have they ever tried to ban some of your items for being ‘flammable’?

    1. I have ordered Bath & Body Works products twice via Hop Shop Go, only once have I tried to purchase anything that would be deemed “dangerous” by mail (a body splash/perfume) and it was rejected and not purchased for some reason. So I guess yes that has happened to me! xo

  2. Hi,

    I just wanted to share the link below with you:


    It is a fun little list of top “scary” celebrity makeup blunders. It’s a fun little piece for Halloween. As a current beauty student, I found it hilarious and in fact very scary that any woman, especially women in the public eye would go out in public like that! Hope you enjoy the article and a Happy Halloween to you!



  3. Hi Jessica,

    I noticed your mention of Adore Beauty on your Clarins Rouge Eclat lipstick review, and just wanted to drop in and say thank you! We very much appreciate your interest. I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the site; is there anything you’d really love to see; be it a brand or idea, or anything we could improve on?

    Please do let me know if you have any feedback for us, and thanks again for your support!

    Warm regards

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