Favourite Polishes: Winter

My polish preferences for the cold winter months tend to lean towards nice dark plum tones, deep burgundys, a simple soft pink or the occasional rock star black (in which case I am mocked at work for being a goth… “don’t talk to Jess, she’s a goth!”). In particular, these five shades are on high rotation on my nails this season – Mecca Cosmetica Audrey, Mecca Cosmetica Rosaline, OPI for Sephora Meet For Drinks, OPI for Sephora Brunette On The Internet & Face Of Australia Iron Ore.

Product Review: Flourish Almond Milk Body Lotion

Many, many moons ago I posted about a haul that I’d acquired from the Flourish Bath & Beauty Etsy store. There were a couple of stand out items within this order, and one of them was the Almond Milk Body Lotion. This is probably one of my favourite scents of all time (ALL TIME). I also have the perfume oil, and I’ve been wearing it practically every day (paired with the moisturiser) since the beginning of Winter. If you’re a sweet-scent favouring gal, this is for you. I think Dee (at least I believe it was Dee?) summed it up perfectly when she said it smells like a baby’s head. The product itself is nice and thick (not quite body butter thick, but quite rich all the same) and feels very moisturising. The gorgeous scent lingers for most of the day, but usually fades by the afternoon which is a little bit disappointing, because it smells so good. I also really like the packaging, and was pleasantly surprised by all of the Flourish products that I ordered. I find sometimes home-made products don’t have the nicest packaging, but this range is just gorgeous. The Flourish Almond Milk Body Lotion retails for $8 USD and can be purchased from the Flourish Bath & Body store.

Product Review: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil

Those of you who often shop at Big W will know about their sneaky little mini product section near the checkouts. I often impulse buy random products from this section purely because they’re miniature (aka travel sized), and cheap. Also, it’s something to do while I wait in line. (Don’t think I don’t see what you did there Big W…) The best thing that has come out of these mini-product splurge episodes for me is the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil. My skin has been absolutely drinking this stuff in now that it’s really getting cold here in Australia. I find it’s usually best to apply body oil to damp(ish) skin, and this one is no different so I tend to use this oil straight after hopping out of the shower. One thing I will note is that the smell is very strong. In fact the super strong, sickly-sweet fragrance of the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter range normally puts me off of their products but this is somehow bearable. If you want to smell like chocolate, this product is for you. You can purchase the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil 250ml online from E Pharmacy for $9.39 AUD.

Random Beauty Haul

The Aussie dollar has been performing like a champion lately, and I know a lot of my fellow beauty bloggers have been taking advantage of the strong exchange rate and doing a bit of online shopping. I am no exception, and have placed a few orders at MAC, Bath + Body Works and Sephora (the elusive Urban Decay Naked Palette shall be mine at last!). Pictured above are my most recent beauty acquisitions: Bath + Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Shower Gel & Triple Moisture Body Cream, Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment, Barrier Repair and Sheer Tint Redness Relief (all sent for consideration for review), MAC Eyeshadow in Phloof, Eyeshadow in Orb, Softsparkle Eye Pencil in Iris Accents and Mineralize Blush in Buddy Up, Benefit Cha Cha Tint (sent for review), Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Hot Pink, Co Bigelow Apple Rose Salve, Co Bigelow Blueberry Rose Salve, Liplicious Signature Vanilla Berry Tasty Lipgloss, Liplicious Pineapple Juice Tasty Lipgloss and Co Bigelow Organics Strawberries & Cream Moisturizing Lip Shine.

Product Review: Kim Kardashian Fragrance

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself sitting in front of the television for hours on end watching back to back episodes of one of the various reality shows that the Kadashian sisters star in. Come on now, don’t be shy… My hand is raised too and despite not really subscribing to the whole “FAKE TAN! MERMAID HAIR! IMPOSSIBLE EYELASHES! UNCOMFORTABLY TIGHT DRESS!” mantra that Kim Kardashian seems to live by, I can’t deny that the girl has some kind of appeal. I particularly like the fact that she is kind of OCD and hates it when people come in and mess up her stuff. I relate Kim, I relate. I had heard a little bit about the Kim Kardashian fragrance prior to receiving it from various blog and youtube reviews. The majority of people seem to be in favour when it comes to this scent and although strong florals are generally not my cup of tea, as a fragrance in general this one isn’t too bad. It is a very powerful jasmine scent, and for those of you who aren’t a fan of strong florals I would suggest spraying it on a little while before you leave the house to give it time to warm up and settle on your skin. The perfume itself is very long lasting and performs really well throughout the day, which makes it a great choice for those like me who want a perfume that will last throughout an entire working day & into the evening. The Kim Kardashian fragrance retails for $49.00 AUD (for 30ml) and can be purchased from MYER, Perfume Connection, Priceline and leading pharmacies throughout Australia. (note: I was sent this product for consideration for review)