Day Zero Project – Goal #76

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending the Perth Concert Hall to see the West Australian Symphony Orchestra play a rendition of Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony. I’m a bit of a closeted classical music fan so I was really excited about it and I’m happy to say I had an absolute ball. The music was perfect, the venue was lovely and the atmosphere was different to any concert that I’ve ever attended in the past (did you know there is some sort of etiquette where people hold in their coughs until between each break of music?). It was my first time at the Concert Hall seeing this sort of performance, but I will definitely heading back to see more in the 2012 season.

Day Zero Project – Goal #6

One of my top goals for the Day Zero Project was to travel to Sydney. And last week I did just that. I had an amazing time and Sydney is a very beautiful city. Highlights for me were seeing Mr Shuffles at Taronga Zoo, spending the day at Luna Park with my family, visiting Adriano Zumbo’s Manly pâtisserie, spending too much money, eating too much food and drinking way too much Rekordelig cider (in every flavour). Good times, good times. See you again in November, Sydney!

Day Zero Project – Goal #64

One of my Day Zero Project Goals is to watch 10 documentaries. Unsurprising as it is, there are some pretty awesome documentaries on Youtube if you have the time and can be bothered to look. The first documentary that I watched (and am about to share with you) is a short 20 minute piece titled “Year of 4” which centres around Beyonce and the making of her latest album and the film clip for Run The World. If you already love Beyonce you will definitely enjoy this and if you don’t like her, well honestly I think you’re a little bit strange.

Day Zero Project – Goal #90

Last weekend I looked forward to what I assumed would be the awkward and uncomfortable experience of attending my high school reunion. Thankfully, it was actually a pretty good time. I’m not sure if it was due to the fact that my close circle of girlfriends happened to go to the same school as me, so I showed up surrounded by my best friends, the fact that the most embarrassing thing I did all night was forget people’s names (unlike some people who got so wasted that they fell over and knocked tables down, and then got kicked out of the bar later in the evening) or the fact that a guy pretending to be a student from our school was buying my friend and I tequila shots throughout the night but I definitely had fun. Not sure if I will attend the 25 year reunion… Time will have to tell on that one.

Day Zero Project – Goal #76 Progress

I am making slow but steady progress on this goal, and can now tick yet another concert off of the list. This time it was Caribou & Four Tet playing together at the Perth International Arts Festival this past weekend. The concert was epic and I really enjoyed myself, I did not however enjoy the subsequent hangover that lasted the entire next day. (note to self: sitting down at a concert while drinking is a bad idea as it’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve consumed until you stand up to dance…) I don’t have any concerts planned now until November (Kings of Leon had to reschedule their Australian tour) so hopefully something will crop up mid-year that I can attend! Have you attended any concerts lately? What has been your favourite this year?