#ReadYourFaceOff TBR

The general goal for a #ReadYourFaceOff readathon is to get through as much reading as you can in a 24 hour window of time. It’s a fun (and short) readathon that was created by Riley from RMFickFack. This round will run from 9am on Saturday 5th May to 9am on Sunday 6th May in your time zone. As it’s still towards the beginning of the month, I have my pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing what I’m going to read from my TBR. As it’s only a short readathon I’m going to focus my energy on smaller books to see what I can manage to get through. I’m also going to try and knock a graphic novel off of my shelf to help boost my stats for the month a little bit and get May off to a good start.

Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon TBR

It seems like one of my new favourite things to do is participate in readathons, and I’m not mad about it. Because I’ve participated in a few readathons lately, it means that I am (slightly) ahead in my reading challenge for this year, and I’m almost up to date with what I wanted to read for April. I still have a few “nostalgic reads” to knock off my TBR shelf for the month, so those will be taking priority when it comes to what I read for the readathon. If I can finish those off, I’m going to try and move on to Queens Of Geek by Jen Wilde. Good luck to everyone that is participating in this round of Dewey’s, and I hope you all have fun!