Thoughts Of The Week…

01) My new beauties arrived from Erin Condren, and I am in love. I still haven’t had time to transfer everything across from my old planner, but I’m hoping to get that done sometime this weekend.

02) I’ve been obsessively stalking Whitty Novels on Youtube and all of her social media platforms this week. I love this girl.

03) This remix of the Stranger Things theme song is awesome.

04) They’re calling this Olympics the most meme-able Olympics ever and I have to be honest, I’m loving it.

05) Speaking of Olympics, this story about Zac Efron flying over to meet Simone Biles and the final five is adorable.

06) American Horror Story season 6 will be starting up soon, and I’m not sure if we’ll be tuning in. To be honest we didn’t watch any of ‘Hotel’. Maybe the thrill has worn off? I might just wait and see what people think of it when it airs.

07) Speaking of TV shows – Scream is over for another season! I hope you’re all watching this, it’s become one of our favourite shows to watch each week. I’m so sad it’s over but it’s available Netflix for any of you who are interested.

08) I hit the jackpot at the book exchange today, and walked away with two bags of Sweet Valley University books. There goes my self-imposed book buying ban.

09) The comments section of this Reddit thread are actually VERY readable.

10) This is my favourite song at the moment.

Thoughts Of The Week…

01) I haven’t been purchasing many books recently, because I’ve been focusing on a particularly large savings goal I have. It’s not all bad though, because it’s given me the chance to catch up on all of the ‘nostalgic’ books I hunted down and purchased on ebay earlier in the year. This Sweet Valley University book is one of my all time trashy favourites.
02) Speaking of Sweet Valley, the twins who played Jessica and Elizabeth are now 40, and still more gorgeous than I will ever be.
03) I have to admit, I’ve been sucked into the Olympics this time around. It’s really fun to sit and watch a few minutes while my tea brews in the break room at work in the mornings. But can we talk about how bizarre the dark green diving pool “mystery” is? So weird.
05) This story about a many who found a worm in the packaging of his Tesco cucumber made me laugh.
06) The Stranger Things soundtrack is now available! In other news, if you haven’t watched this show yet – it is time.
07) I’ve had these two playlists on repeat all week. Thanks to Tonile for recommending the first one!
08) I’ve been catching up on Chelsea Wears vlogs this week, and the by-product of this is me spending way too much time investigating Kaylor theories.
09) I have a 20% off voucher for Karolina’s Krafts, and a new planner arriving soon. I think it’s time to treat myself and do a little bit of sticker shopping.
10) This was one of my favourite Olympics-related snippets of the week.

Thoughts of the week…

01) Well, we’re back from our holiday and well and truly back into the swing of things this week. I bought a pack of ‘Angel Guidance’ cards while we were away in Adelaide and have been doing a reading every day to help guide me through the week. The general vibe has been ‘you’re on the right track‘, so that’s good to know.
02) I bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child while we were away, and I still haven’t finished it. I’m positive younger me would be truly disgusted with this.
03) Today I discovered that Tibetan Mastiff’s exist, and now I want one.
04) Thanks to Gemma for sharing this live kitten cam during the week. It was exactly what I needed, and I didn’t even know it.
05) I can’t remember if I’ve shared this before, but I was re-introduced to it this week, and I’m obsessed with it. I’ve had the song on repeat all week too.
06) This story brought me so much joy.
07) I’ve been listening to The Productive Woman podcast for a couple of weeks now, and I really love it. I don’t know what it is, but something about the combination of the opening/closing music, Laura’s voice, and the content make me feel so happy (and productive).
08) As an ex-Orlando Bloom uberfan, I guess it would be remiss of me not to include a link to his (NSFW!!!!) holiday pictures from the week… Hoo boy.
09) ‘How Jen Does It’ is my new favourite YouTube channel, and this night-time routine video is highly motivating. If only I could be bothered to clean our house like that every night before bed.
10) Is anyone thinking of watching The Olympics this year? I have to admit it’s the least I’ve ever been excited for a games, but I’m sure I’ll tune in from time to time. My work actually installed a TV in every break area just so people could watch the games this year… Crazy!

Thoughts of the week…

01) There is a new Welcome To Deadcast episode out, and I haven’t had time to read the book yet! It’s been so upsetting knowing an episode of my favourite podcasts exists but I can’t listen to it yet! I’m nearly done with the book, and I’m hoping to watch the episode today and then we’ll be all systems go.
02) Australia held a federal election yesterday, and we still don’t have a clear decision on who or what the government will be. This is certainly an interesting time for political junkies (like Sebastian).
03) My One True Love Gordon Ramsay did an AMA this week.
04) He also released a mobile game called Gordon Ramsay Dash, which I am becoming obsessed with. Move over Kim Kardashian Hollywood!
05) Liane Moriarty has a new book coming out this month… I can’t wait!
06) Has anyone been on a walking dumpling tour of Melbourne? We’re popping over later this month and that’s one of the things we’re considering doing while we’re in town.
07) I’m one of those weird people who loves conspiracy theories (not that I believe all – or any – of them), and I’ve been enjoying this podcast recently.
08) Althought I don’t normally like stand up, a friend of mine recommended the 2 Dope Queens podcast to me this week, and I LOVE IT. I had to stop listening to it at work because I was trying to hard to stay silent while laughing that I ended up with tears running down my face. Worth a listen.
09) I had to “DNF” (did not finish) the audio book for The Wrath and The Dawn. People absolutely RAVE about this book, but I hated it. Maybe I’ll try again with it later on down the track but I felt like it was holding me back, so I’ve given up for now. I’ve moved on to ‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ instead.

Thoughts of the week…

01) In annoying life news this week, we have a leak somewhere in our house. Our water bill was extremely high, so we decided to check our meter and with everything turned off it was still ticking over. Sigh. We have a plumber coming on Monday to try and find the leak, so please PRAY TO THE UNIVERSE that it’s not something under the house or anything equally as expensive difficult to fix.
03) Joe Biden’s letter to the Stanford rape victim is truly beautiful.
04) I am equal parts excited and nervous for this week’s Game of Thrones finale. What will we do on Monday evenings for the next year?!
05) Guys, I have some bad news. Independence Day: Resurgence was kind of disappointing. Still, it’s nice to have a new alien invasion movie in the world.
06) Orange Is The New Black is back! A lot of people have finished watching the new season already, but we’ve been pacing ourselves. I’m nervous about the end approaching, because I’ve been mildly spoiled about what happens…
08) If you were upset about Nashville being cancelled, rejoice! It has apparently been picked up by CMT.
09) I’m obsessed with Chelsea Wears, so after seeing her snapchat herself using a face mask and then her skin looking awesome the following day, of I had to pick it up. And I love it. I’ll be posting a review soon, so stay tuned!
10) If you’re not already following my dear friend Emma on twitter, or reading her blog – today is the day to start! Head on over and check her out.