House Project List

Did you know there is actually never a time where the list of things you need to get done around your house is empty? In fact, my seems to be growing. I have three months leave coming up at the end of the year (are you sick of me mentioning that yet? TOO BAD), and I want to spend some time getting things done around the house. I know you all like lists as much as I do, so I thought I’d share with you my current house project list. Here it is:

Front + Back Yard
Plant honeysuckle and start training it against the front fence
Re-spray the honeysuckle pot for re-use
Plant a small lime tree in the old honeysuckle pot
Weed the entire garden
Lay down new mulch in the front and back garden beds
Buy a BBQ
Buy an outdoor setting
Set up a shade sail over the outdoor setting
Plant more herbs
Put tall flowering plants outside the study window
Clean the front door
Replace the back door mat
Buy & install an outdoor light fitting

Buy paint
Paint the entire interior of the house
Buy and hang a mirror in the master bedroom
Re-organize the walk in robe
Re-organize under bed storage
Purge clothes
Purge jewelery collection
Re-organize bathroom cupboard
Deep clean the glass wall in the shower
Deep clean the bathroom & laundry air vents
Hang shelf in laundry room
Purge makeup collection
Purge beauty product collection
Take all unwanted books to the book exchange
Create a gift card storage solution
Re-organize the study cupboard
Re-organize the linen press
Hang plastic bag holder (and possibly an iron holder) in the linen press
Re-organize the small hutch
Re-organize the tall hutch
Deep clean the shower
Purge everything in the fridge and pantry
Have light fittings installed
Donate unwanted cat beds and scratching post to the cat haven
Buy + hang a suitable print for the living area
Buy a tall storage solution for the living area
Sort through and donate all unwanted DVDs and games
Organize the cable and electronics drawer

That’s all I can really think of right now. I’m hoping to dedicate a set amount of time every day to working on these projects, so hopefully I can make a big dent in this list before my holiday wraps up at the end of the year. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress. If there is anything in particular that you’d like me to do a blog post feature on, let me know. Oh, and wish me luck!

To Build A Home: Garden Inspiration

The one area of my new home that seems to have fallen to the bottom of my priority list is the garden. The house came with landscaping as part of the building package, but it is extremely simple landscaping, and not really an ideal garden – at least by my standards. There are a few problems with the garden area that I’ll need to overcome – space, the burning hot Australian sun, and sandy soil. I’ve been browsing Pinterest for some small garden inspiration, and have come across some inspiring images that I thought I would share with you. Here are some of the gardens that have me thinking more and more about my own space –

I think the first step for me is to work out some kind of shade for the back yard area. At the moment there is no shade whatsoever on any of the garden beds, which means the plants need to be extremely resilient (hence the Australian natives planted there already). Wish me luck!

House Project List

It’s funny how you can move into a brand new house and still have a million things to do around the place to make it feel complete. It’s been over a year since I moved into my new home, and I’m still chipping away at various projects and discovering new ones along the way. I thought I’d share with you the running list of projects that I’m working on around the house at the moment. I originally wrote this list at the beginning of my last break from work, hoping that I’d get around to finishing them all while I had the time off. Of course I was sick for the majority of my holidays and didn’t manage to accomplish as much as I wanted to, but such is life. Here is the (long) list of things that I’m currently working on around the house –

Walk In Wardrobe: I need to do a bit of an overhaul of this space, it’s way too crowded at the moment. I need to clear off the top shelf and the drawers full of bags, sort out what needs to be kept/thrown out/donated, and somehow make the space work for what is left over. I think a big shoe cull might be in my near future too.

Bathroom Cupboard: This is a pretty simple job, and I’m not sure why I keep putting it off. I need to pull out the drawers, sort out our products, wipe down the shelves, and put everything back where it needs to go. This will probably be the first thing I get around to doing.

Bathroom Floor: If I can give anyone building a house a piece of advice, DO NOT OPT FOR WHITE FLOOR TILES IN THE BATHROOM. Mopping is probably my least favourite household chore (vacuuming is up there, but Sebastian does that for me), and the bathroom floor needs a really good mop. White floor tiles combined with a family of dark haired people (and a lot of dust) does not work well together.

Study Cupboard: The cupboard in the study is an absolute mess at the moment. When Sebastian moved over here, we kind of pushed some boxes into the cupboard to be “dealt with later”, which of course never happened. I’m happy with the top shelf in the cupboard, and the way that’s organised, I just need to do a big clean out of everything at the bottom of the cupboard, and also the clothes that are being stored in there at the moment.

Linen Cupboard: I think this is my most hated area of the house (now that I’ve cleaned out the tupperware cupboard). There is way too much going on in here, and very little organisation to speak of. Unfortunately, I’m still storing a lot of household stuff in this cupboard (tiles/paint etc) because there is nowhere else for me to put them at this stage. Despite this, I need to get some organization happening ASAP.

Hutch #1: This is housing a mish-mash of various things that really should belong somewhere else. I need to clear this out, and start sorting everything into it’s right storage place within the household.

Hutch #2: As above. This is a little bit more organized, but still needs some work.

Kitchen Floor: I essentially need to clean ALL the floors in the house, but the kitchen floor in particular is in need of some work.

Boxes (Mum & Dad’s): I have a lot of stuff that I borrowed from my parents when I first move into this house that I haven’t gotten around to returning to them yet. Along with other things that have accumulated along the way (car battery charger, anyone?). I need to sort through this stuff, and return whatever needs returning as soon as possible.

DVDs: I have a lot of DVDs that I don’t really want anymore, not now that we have a big digital storage system set up. I’m gradually making my way through these DVDs and once I know we have a digital copy of them, I’m giving them away. I still have quite a while to go…

Cable Drawer: I feel like cables are similar to bobby pins, in that they seem to multiply if you leave them alone together. We have a drawer FULL of computer cables (which I guess comes with the territory of living with someone who works in IT), and I am dying to tidy it all up.

And that’s about it! I’m probably going to implement some of these projects into my weekly vlogs, so keep an eye out for that. I’m hoping to get started this weekend some time.

To Build A Home – The List

I have literally read this post by Sherry over at Young House Love at least five times already. I stumbled across her blog while obsessively reading Em For Marvelous last night, and I’m so glad that I did because it’s already provided me with a wealth of inspiration. I’ve been meaning to share a post like this for a little while now, and I finally had the time to take some photos today, so here we go. I’ve been lucky in the fact that my house was built new, which means there is nothing I urgently need to do to make the house livable. The entire interior of the house needs to be painted, but I’m planning on waiting until the 6 month period has passed, in case any major patching of the walls needs to be done beforehand.

Front Yard
– Have the front render touched up, and the back of the drain pipes painted (the house next door had not been finished when my handover took place, and I was advised that any paint or render that needed touching up would be done for me – I need to follow up on this)
– Follow up on the front verge (this is the council’s responsibility, but we’re the only house on my strip that still has a sandy verge – I also need to follow up on this)
– Work on a plan for the garden (I have some ideas – pebbled garden beds, a small tree, more potted plants – but I need to work out a specific plan for what we’re going to do)
– Remove the one dead plant (and replace it, once I figure out where the retic line runs), and tidy up the kangaroo paws that run along the fenceline
– Have the front window tinted
– Install a light fixture over the front door
– Install an additional wire security screen at the front door (we get an amazing breeze coming through from the front door some evenings, it’s a shame we don’t have a screen door that will allow this to flow through the house)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the hallway
– Buy, frame, and hang artwork next to the front door
– Buy mat for the front door (inside)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the bedroom and wardrobe
– Install a ceiling fan (unfortunately air conditioning is not an option in this room, as there is no clear wall to hang it on)
– Buy, and hang either artwork or a mirror over the vanity
– Sort out the vanity top (perfume/jewelery storage)
– Have a photo printed to go in the frame sitting on the vanity
– Organize the walk in wardrobe (this is going to be a big job)
– Organize the under-bed storage system for clothes
– Install a light fixture in the walk in wardrobe
– Install a hook onto the back of the bedroom door (for robes, etc)
– Upgrade our mattress (the one we currently have gives us both lower back pain)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the bathroom and laundry (I have a strong urge to put a wallpaper on the wall behind the basin where the mirror hangs, but we’ll see)
– Possibly hang a shelf over the toilet
– Hang shelves in the laundry cupboard
– Buy a new laundry basket
– Possibly buy a clothes dryer (depending on how we survive winter this year)

– Pick paint colours, and paint the study
– Set up some tall flowering plants in pots outside the study window
– Buy, frame, and hang artwork on the wall behind my desk
– Possibly buy a filing cabinet for next to the door
– Install a light fitting (already purchased)
– Sort out the wardrobe/storage area

Living Area
– Pick paint colours, and paint the living area and kitchen
– Hang a mirror, or artwork over the hutch
– Buy a bigger TV (my boyfriend’s plasma TV was smashed during it’s travel from Adelaide to Perth)
– Sort out the storage area in both hutches
– Sort out the drawers under the TV cabinet (electronic storage/DVDs)
– Install light fittings (already purchased)
– Buy, frame, and hang artwork
– Buy a rug for the living area (between the couches)
– Find tall fake flowers for the pot next to the hutch (I’ve been looking for decent quality fake flowers everywhere, but to no avail)
– Buy a large soft basket for storing throw rugs
– Buy a small side table to sit drinks/snacks on when we’re watching TV
– Fix the table, as it wasn’t built correctly

– Have a splashback installed behind the stovetop
– Install light fitting (already purchased)
– Sort out kitchen drawers
– Sort out plastics cupboard (everyone’s nightmare)
– Sort out area on top of the fridge (currently housing all of the cat food)

Back Yard
– Get a new peg basket (the ratty mess you can see hanging on the line has gradually disintegrated, potentially releasing toxic chemicals into the atmostphere – thanks, Big W)
– Get some sort of storage set up for the garage to store tools in
– Fix the garden bed (I’m pretty sure that I want to replace the crappy mulch/sand bed with pebbles or rocks – with a tall tree for the back corner, and possibly potted plants throughout the rest of the area)
– Buy a BBQ
– Buy an outdoor setting
– Buy a shade, or large umbrella
– Remove “Box City”, as we’ve lovingly named it (there is a backlog of cardboard boxes sitting in the yard, from the moving period that we’re gradually having recycled every fortnight when the recycle truck comes)
– Get rid of the old ladder and carpet length sitting along the side of the house
– Install outdoor light fixture
– Add more potted plants and try not to kill them all

And that’s it for now. I’ll keep you updated on our progress!

To Build A Home: Interior Design Inspiration

I’ve become obsessed with browsing pictures of interior design on Pinterest. It’s an inexpensive and inoffensive vice, so I’m happy to continue with it until my eyes turn square. I’ve started my own ‘Interior Design’ board on Pinterest where I pin all of the cream interiored, lush decor pictures that I stumble across. Here are some of my favourites, and some pictures that will no doubt influence how I’ll be decorating my new place –

If you would like to see more interior design inspiration or just general pictures of stuff that I like, head on over to my Pinterest profile and take a look.