March Wrap Up – TV Shows


Bridgerton [ season 1 ] – This show was a lot of fun, easy on the eye, and was a bit of mindless entertainment that was easy to enjoy at the end of a long day. I did not feel the chemistry between the main characters at all, so that was a bit of a disappointment for me. But I found the problematic older brother hot enough to distract me enough to keep me invested and keep me watching.
WandaVision [ season 1 ] – It took me about three episodes of this to get absolutely hooked. This was such a unique viewing experience, it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the small screen and I loved it. Be warned – this was a rollercoaster of emotions. This kick-started our desire to re-watch the Marvel movies in chronological order which has been a fun experience so far.
9-1-1 [ season 1 ] – I came down with a pretty bad flu in the middle of the month, and ended up binge watching this ridiculous show for a week. This was exactly what I needed, something mindless and fun that made me laugh and was entertaining without requiring too much brainpower. There was also just the right amount of eye candy to keep me interested (Buck, hello).
9-1-1 [ season 2 ] – The ridiculous continued into season two, but the action was jacked up a bit with a major earthquake taking place in Los Angeles. I binged watched the entire second season soon after the first, and it got me through a week spent on the couch feeling sick and sorry for myself.
Mad Men [ season 1 ] – Sebastian and I have embarked on a re-watch of Mad Men, and finished off the first season this month. This is one of my all-time favourite shows, and I am falling in love with it all over again on re-watching it. The acting, the characters, the aesthetic… all of it is perfect.

February Wrap Up – TV Shows


Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel – As you can tell by this post, it was a light TV watching month for me, and I only finished one TV season in the entire month. And I’m sad to say, it was a disappointing watch. I remember being fascinated with the Elisa Lam case when it first broke, I remember watching the elevator footage and feeling uneasy about the way she was acting. But now knowing what she was going through, and how things ended for her is just… sad. This series drags things out and plants unnecessary seeds that detract from what Elisa was experiencing. By all means research the case, learn about Elisa’s story, but it’s probably not necessary to do so by watching this.

January Wrap Up – TV Shows


The Reagans [ season 1 ] – We kick-started the year off with this four part series about the Reagan presidency. I didn’t know much about Reagan going into this so it was an informative watch for me. I now understand why so many people think the Reagan administration was the beginning of the downfall of the USA. This was a good watch for anyone interested in a quick and informative political doco series.

Schitt’s Creek [ season 6 ] – What a bittersweet thing to finally finish this perfect show. It has been quiet a while since I have been so charmed by a television series and it’s cast of characters, but this show is now nestled firmly in my heart as one of my all-time favourites. I am sad that it’s finally finished but so happy that I got to experience it.

The Ripper [ season 1 ] – A friend at work recommended this true crime series to me, and it was one of those shows where you sit down to watch and you end up finishing the entire thing in one day. This was a great little series, informative, suspenseful, and it didn’t drag on for too long. If you’d like to learn all about the Yorkshire Ripper, check this out.

The Night Stalker [ season 1 ] – First things first, please do not watch this if you are planning on spending any time home alone at night. This is one of the creepiest true crime documentary series I’ve watched so far, and it will stay with me for a very long time. My only exposure to Richard Ramirez prior to this was American Horror Story, and having seen this I feel like it was pretty disrespectful for them to include him in the story they way that they did. He was a monster, pure evil.

The West Wing [ season 1 ] – We have commenced another watch of The West Wing, which is one of my all-time favourite shows. Watching this feels like coming home. It can be pretty cheesy at times, but the characters will stay with you forever. Season one is a great introduction to the show, with a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode that made us jump straight in to season two.

What We’re Watching – Autumn 2015

I love television. Always have, and probably always will. I’ve been lucky in life to find a partner who enjoys watching TV as much as I do, and thankfully we have very similar tastes in what we want to watch. Here’s what we’re watching at the moment:

Seinfeld – This is our go-to “short episode” show to watch. We’ve managed to make our way through the entire series, and are close to the end of season nine. I don’t want it to end! This show stands up to the test of time, and is just as funny today as it was when it first aired on TV.

Better Call Saul – Sebastian and I were both huge fans of Breaking Bad, so it was a no-brainer that we’d be tuning in for Better Call Saul. I found it quite slow to start (I felt the same way about Breaking Bad, tbh), but it’s picking up the pace and by mid-way through the first season it’s captured my interest.

Daredevil – Practically everyone on twitter was raving about this show when it was first released, so we decided to give it a go. The first episode was enough to draw us in, and we’re both really enjoying it. I don’t know much about the comic book origins, but the plot has been easy to follow without knowing any of the backstory.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – How could we not watch this show? We’re both huge Tina Fey fans, we watched the entirety of The Office US and 30 Rock together and we love Ellie Kemper and Jane Krakowski’s work. This has taken a little while for me to warm up to, but it’s getting there.

Game of Thrones – Game of Thrones recently returned for another season, and OBVIOUSLY we’re tuning in. Now that My Kitchen Rules has finished for the year, Monday night can return to it’s official title of Game Of Thrones Night!

What’s your favourite TV show at the moment?