September Wrap Up – Movies



F9 – We will always watch a new Fast & Furious movie, no matter how ridiculous the concept is. When a friend told us about seeing the trailer for this and thinking “wow, Ludacris in space!” I knew that we would love this stupid movie. And we did, it was a lot of fun and exactly what we’ve come to know & expect from this film franchise.
A Quiet Place 2 – I really loved the first film in this series, and this second film lived up to my expectations based on how much I enjoyed the first. The concept of this horror is so cool and authentic, and I really enjoy knowing there is no way I could possibly survive in this world.
Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb – A friend of mine at work has her masters in Archaeology and recommended this documentary to me. Having recently watched The Mummy, I was absolutely in the mood to watch more about ancient Egyptian archaeological digs. This was a fascinating watch, a bit of a rollercoaster to watch the dig play out under the deadline, and was especially interesting learning about techniques of the different specialists in their field of expertise.
The Craft: Legacy – The original Craft film is one of my all-time favourite movies, so I was excited to see how I felt about this reboot. I’m happy to say I loved it. It didn’t have the same grittiness as the original, but I enjoyed it, loved the diversity in the cast, and was really impressed by the main actress Cailee Spaeny’s performance. This is definitely worth a watch if you were a fan of the original, or you’re just in the mood for something fun and spooky for spooky season.
Friday the 13th – I kicked off my spooky season horror movie watching in September, and decided to start with a classic – the original Friday the 13th. This was more of a comedy than a horror movie, it was borderline ridiculous, but I respect it’s origins and the impact of this franchise on the genre of horror in general.
Happier Than Ever – I love Billie Eilish, so this was an automatic must-watch for me. This was such a beautiful way to see her album played out, and the addition of the children’s choir was a particularly beautiful moment for me. I love this album, and I loved having the opportunity to see it presented like this.
The Matrix – There is a new Matrix movie being release this year, so I thought it would be a good idea to re-watch the originals in preparation. I have vivid memories of watching this film as a teenager, and it’s amazing to watch it now and realise how many pop culture references it inspired.
The Matrix: Reloaded – I don’t have as many memories tied to this film as the first one, however it was still a fun re-watch, and still stood the test of time as far as storytelling goes (CGI and graphics maybe not so much). It felt like there was less storytelling and more gratuitous action in this compared to the original, which I didn’t love. Overall it was a good time.

September Wrap Up – Books


Survive The Night by Riley Sager – I’d been in a bit of a reading slump for a few weeks in August, and this was the book that kicked me back into reading. I binged this over one weekend in early September, and it was a fast-paced and easy thriller to get lost in. I am usually pretty good at picking the twist in thrillers, and I had my mind so set on the outcome of this book that when it didn’t play out the way I’d expected I was actually disappointed, because I thought my ending was better. I rarely rate thrillers over a three, unless they are really surprising to me, and this sat comfortably as a three out of five for me.

September Wrap Up – TV Shows


American Horror Story [ season 5 ] Back when I was watching American Horror Story season by season, I watched Freak Show and was completely put off from watching the show altogether. This was the season that aired after Freak Show, and I’d never had the desire to watch it. Sebastian and I started watching the latest season (Double Feature) and when we ran out of episodes of that we decided go to back and watch this one. Lady Gaga was so good in this, she blew me away. I’d even go so far to say this is now one of my favourite seasons of the show, I loved it.
Rick and Morty [ season 5 ] This is such a stupid show, but I really enjoy watching it with Sebastian. It’s one of the 20-30 minute shows that we like to binge watch when we’re in the mood for something a bit mindless (which is regularly, these days).
Mare of Easttown [ season 1 ] This was such an incredible show, and exactly what I was in the mood for when we started watching it. I’d been saying how I was craving something similar to the British crime shows I love, and this fit the bill. It was moody, there were so many twists and turns along the way that kept me interested, and the acting was impeccable. Evan Peters and Kate Winslet in everything from now on, pls.

July Wrap Up – Books


Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff – This was my work book club book for July, and I absolutely loved it. I have to admit it was a slow-moving book, and although it took me a while to properly get into it, the characters were richly developed and there was a bit of a twist in the story that kept me interested. This was beautifully written, and if you’ve got the time to invest in a heavy story I’d recommend picking it up.
Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre – I saw this pop up on Goodreads and it was receiving some good reviews from friends so I thought I would pick it up. I have read and enjoyed some of A.R. Torre’s work before, and was keen to see whether I enjoyed this as much as I did her ‘The Girl in 6E’ series. I liked this because it was an easy read and a lot of fun, and I always enjoy the fact A.R. Torre is comfortable writing ‘unlikeable’ characters.

July Wrap Up – Movies



Atonement – I had forgotten how utterly breath-taking this film was, until re-watching it this month. I also found that knowing what the “twist” of the story was made this all the more beautiful to watch. Although having said that, I highly recommend watching this if you’ve never seen it, and go in blind because it really is magical to see the story play out the way it does.
Transformers – I don’t know why I was in the mood to re-watch this awful movie, but I was, and I loved every second of it. I think I’ll go ahead and watch the entire film series over the course of the next few months, just for some mindless entertainment.
Fear Street Part One 1994 – Okay, this Fear Street Trilogy made my July. What a fun idea, and an awesome lil set of films. This was a blast from the past in full 90s mode, and I loved it. I am really loving the revival of the old slasher genre, and having this tie in with a book series I read as a kid made it all the more fun for me.
The Sound of Music – This is one of those classic movies I re-watch every year or two, because it brings comforting nostalgia vibes. This was the perfect movie to watch on a sick day at home.
Book Club – If you’re in the mood for something cheesy but light-hearted and with a couple of genuine laughs, this is a great option. The cast in this movie was outstanding, and it was wonderful to watch a film with older women unapologetically living their lives to the full.
Fear Street Part Two 1978 – Why are horror movies set in the 70s always top tier? I really loved this continuation in the Fear Street Trilogy, and enjoyed it more than the first. It had everything I love in a slasher movie, which really is just that it was set at a stayaway camp. I can’t wait to watch part three.
Bo Burnham: Inside – I’ve heard so many songs from this comedy special be featured on Tik Tok that I felt like I really needed to watch the entire thing to see what all the fuss was about. This was a really interesting special, I didn’t know much about Bo Burnham going into it, but a lot of the songs are catchy and have stuck in my head ever since (Jeffrey… Jeffrey Bezos)
Fantasy Island – South Australia went into lock down in the second last week of the month, and I decided to try and make the most of a bad situation, but watching a movie a day throughout lockdown. This was the first movie I decided to watch, and although it was cheesy and mindless it was also… pretty terrible.
National Treasure – This was Sebastian’s pick for our second lockdown movie, because it’s one of his favourites and I was keen for some more mindless entertainment. This was a lot of fun from start to finish, I love the conspiracy theory element and Nicolas Cage was as terrible and amazing as always.
Knives Out – This was the best movie I’ve seen in a while, and might just end up being my favourite movie of 2021. It had an outstanding cast, was beautifully shot, and kept me guessing from start to finish. This felt like the return of a good old fashioned murder mystery, and I loved every second of it.